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Our two rescued ragdoll cats. Our older seal point playing with the new flame point. The older seal point is a big boy and could be rough with the little girl. But, he is very [More]
We visit with a pair of fluffy rag doll cats, a sweet bunny and a precocious cat in this visit to the MSPCA.
Cute White Male Persian Cat.
Music: Fantasie by Paul Cecchetti, 2010
My persian cat loves water, this video shows its bath
10 weeks cat and a mouse 🙂
First and best edition of longest Nyan Cat video on Youtube. Feel free to watch whole video.. Original video: Creators website: nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan [More]
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From cats attacking their owners, mad cats attacking their sibling dog, to cats just being mean, these are just a few of the deadly cats you’ll find in this deadly cats video compilation. The Pet [More]
Training Toaster the kitten with cotton swabs
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Oreo lives at St. Augustine Health Ministries in Cleveland, OH.
A small kitten was pulled from a pipe in California. Terrell Brown reports.
tired seven week old kitten rescued after 24 hours in a tree.
I found this sweet kitty in the front yard of my grandmother’s house. One out of 4 feral kittens, they were all sick when I found them, but this babe was the one that concerned [More]
Jerry was born at the Sanctuary and was with us for every single day of his short life. In his time with us he managed to touch people all over the world. He was, is, [More]
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Cool asia cat – more cool stuff on:
24×7 Kitten Cam! Broadcasting Quality Foster Kittens since 2011 for Purrfect Pals in Washington State, USA Drawing for naming rights: Received the list of donators. 188 people entered donating $3,370. Winners are, in order, Ginger [More]
Another cat fight….
Support me on Patreon: Previous video on No Cloning: How to teleport Schrödinger’s cat: this video presents the full quantum teleportation procedure, in which an arbitrary qubit (spin, etc) is teleported from Alice [More]
Little Kitten – My Favorite Cat by Fox and Sheep (New Update ) Play Fun for Baby, Family, Toddlers or Children Games The lovely kitten is every child’s dream – he is cheeky, funny and [More]
Cute kitten with a cat eating food on the street.
Hershey the dog is doing his absolute best to get Oliver the cat to play with him. But, in typical cat fashion, it appears Oliver has other things on his mind. Source & embed code: [More]
Sylvester the talking kitty cat acts suspicious about Shelby (the dog) missing. Random kitty remains random and Gibbyson just enjoys the show. By SteveCash83. Flaggle Claggle.
MY PUPPY MEETS BABY KITTENS FOR THE FIRST TIMES! I had to re upload due to technical difficulties! LAST VIDEO: NEYOS INSTAGRAM: ADOPT THE KITTENS! Providence Animal Center 555 Sandy Bank Rd, Media, [More]
WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE The vet yanks a cuterebra larva from the animal’s ear before removing another one burrowed deep into its neck
Kitten season is coming, so Kitten Lady teamed up with PetAg to help one Maryland shelter prepare to fight for the little guys. FOLLOW: IG: @kittenxlady SHOP: LEARN:
With more tricks up their sleeves, Nana the Border Collie and her best buddy Kaiser the Bengal cat are back competing in a contest to determine who does the best tricks. The competition is fierce…. [More]
Cat Carrier Training with Dr. Jacqui Neilson and Bug
These cats got caught… and they know it! Subscribe: | Submit your video: Business inquiries/contact: More awesome stuff below Funny Pets prepared for you a video of Cats VS Balloons, check it [More]
24×7 Kitten Cam! Broadcasting Quality Foster Kittens since 2011. The full birthing will be available on BrookIvy3 channel. Kitten #1: Cream, boy, born at 3:17 am, 117g Kitten #2: Classic/marble tabby, boy, born at 3:37 [More]
From cute kittens enjoying an ice cream cone, cute kittens playing in a packaging box, to cute kittens climbing up pant legs, these are just a few of the kittens you’ll find in this funny [More]
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Ellen came up with another amazing idea: combining Owen Wilson and cat videos. Meow!
Maybe you survived our last compilation , but you can’t pass this without laughing . We made this compilation of our best clips of all time .So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favourite [More]
I’m uploading just for the sake of uploading.
Occurred on January 6, 2017 / Florence, Kentucky, USA “A good Samaritan brought the young kitten in that he had found in the parking lot at Loreal in Florence KY. He thought the kitten had [More]
My 15 week old F5 Savannah kitten, Kronos, is in training learning sit, lay down, and roll over. Eventually I want him to be able to do the tricks that Solo can do too.
Sometimes, all you need to entertain your cat is just sitting around the house. Simple everyday materials can make a great toy for your feline friend. Music: “Scarlet Fire” by Otis McDonald (YouTube Audio Library)
Rusty, an orphaned kitten came to the rescue with a severe eye infection. What what happened to him.
Brum has to save Granny Slipper’s kitten from the hands of the Big Town clock.
So, I rescued some kittens from my AC duct work. As I was editing this video I realized this is my first youtube cat video. Sorry Enjoy. 🙂 Thanks for watching… Subscribe for new videos [More]
Happy Halloween ! Subscribe: . Dance of fate ! The Thriller of Funny and Cute Cat . Watch new Funny Cats and Cute Kittens Video every Tuesday This funny and cute dance was performed [More]
Funny Kitten Playing With Balls/ Cute Cats Love Balls
My girlfriend’s new pet kitten climbed up her and left her a present… The kitten was adopted from the Dallas, Texas SPCA. From a mother cat who lives with my son, a student who goes [More]
Two year old Ragdoll brothers play fighting.
Nicka’s Baby first step. First litter of my Persian long hair & Exotic Shorthair. He is the only one
my funny blue persian cat
The Siamese kitten is trying to dominate over an adult persian cant huh!
Their cool facts you have got to know
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This may be the highest resolution cat video on YouTube. Shot on the RED Epic-W with Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art lens in R3D 8xHD at 25fps & 10:1. Music by Möwbius. Check out my [More]
Jack and I surprise his girlfriend with a baby kitten!! We also find out who Jason is dating! WATCH LIZA DO MY MAKEUP: Comment how much you love our bunny if you read this [More]
Small Fry is a tiny kitten with a big story. Her success is proof that even the most vulnerable animals can thrive with a little love and commitment. Learn how you can start saving lives [More]
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Hello, my dear subscribers! I want to recommend you our new project “FeedFact” – FeedFact is a video blog about science, scary stories and curious facts. Just watch some videos and trust me, you [More]
Cats are simply the best pets, they make us laugh all the time! Try not to laugh if you can! Just look how all these cats & kittens play, fail, get along with dogs and [More]
Comparison and differecnce side by side. The Ragamuffin (often spelled RagaMuffin) is a breed of domestic cat. It is a variant of the Ragdoll cat and was established as a separate breed in 1994. Ragamuffins [More]
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Explore Multicam views, comment and post snapshots at Love Cats – Subscribe – Facebook – Twitter Watch The Kitten Rescue Cat Cam – LIVE. Founded in 1997, Kitten Rescue is [More]
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Sammy the black persian cat in a box. His friend Seslie is in the background.
My Persian cat likes to play all the time
———- Forwarded message ———- From: “Xenia Varon” Date: Aug 11, 2011 8:17 AM Subject: Nigel & Jose playing To: “Diego”
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Can you survive this laugh challenge while watching these super funny cats! They will make you laugh to death! Just look how all these cats & kittens play, fail, get along with dogs and other [More]
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Make catnip sock toys for cats in this free video. Expert: Grace Fitzpatrick Bio: Grace Fitzpatrick has studied ventriloquism for years and is a trained improv actor. She uses the illusion of “throwing” her voice [More]