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that was really cute but the don’t hug me was scary and aweful never want to watch that agian We are fostering the beautiful Kofi & Boris for Macja hisa (eng. Cat house) – Slovenian cat rescue organization, please click on the link above and support them today, thanks!
Stella’s babies are born. Team Cat Rescue
More video of our newest editions to the rescue family. Team Cat Rescue
Cricket showing her hunting skills. Team Cat Rescue is a registered charity and foster based cat rescue in the Greater Toronto Area.
Perseus is 4 months old. This is his very first look at the toilet trainer. Thanks to other youtubers for sharing their systems. This is a bowl from a thrift store and a pizza box.
Malcolm, an 11 year old jaguar, is working with his trainer on behaviors that allow the zoo staff to perform medical evaluations and procedures without havin. Subscribe to ITN News: Several miners are reported to [More]
325 lb squat. 98 kg weight class. 20-23 junior division. Uspa Nordic Cup
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The Daily Treat PEOPLE Takes You to the Kitten Bowl Copy The Daily Treat PEOPLE Takes You to the Kitten Bowl Copy
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Toby is a clever cat. He jumps up on the kitchen seat when he knows that his nibbles are going to be put in his bowl. He waits patiently. He is not allowed to put [More]
Here’s Toby once again, and this time, we see him enjoying his nibbles, finishing the nibblets that are in the bowl, and then needing a drink from his water bowl. ——————————————————————————— See our Toby having [More]
Mother cats take care of stimulating their kittens to urinate and defecate, but kittens without mothers need help. This step-by-step guide can get any human up to feline mother standards in no time, and provides [More]
How do you get a kitten to drink from a bottle? How often should you feed him? How do you know if the nipple flow is too fast or too slow? Get a step-by-step guide [More] I lost my kitten because I didn’t know the right way to feed a kitten so i suggest all kitten lovers to follow the link below to get tips for a healthy diet [More]
I hope this helps you and our next video with Emily and her chihuahua
Buy this cat bed: Buy A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide Here: OR Buy It on Amazon: This is a corrugated cardboard “bowl” – a great space for resting or scratching. 15-1/4-Inch diameter [More]
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Our Kitten is IMPROVING tonight. We have only had this little kitten for a week and he became very ill and stopped eating and would not drink water. He receives care from our family as [More]
- More great tips for raising a happy and healthy cat How to Litter Train a Kitten: Litter Training a Cat Contrary to popular belief, a kittens mother wont teach it how to use the [More]
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For more information Did you just get a new kitten? Watch Doctor Mary Stauder from Manchester West Veterinary Hospital explain the best way to help train your new kitten.
Neytiri X JetLi F6 SBT kittens first encounter with the litter box. born on May 20th 2013 Visit Spotted Love Savannahs for more kitten photos and kitten fun
Kitten is doing great! We’ve worked on some “silly tricks” just to get her used to the training concept, and as you can see she’s taken to them quite quickly. Besides the sillyness she is [More]
Cat training – This is his first successful attempt at it. The first ring was removed so the whole exposing the water below is less noticeable so was met with less resistant than we expected. [More]
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Cute kitten playing in a bowl