In this video my second favorite legendary Pokemon goes down. It just could not handle the Scratch and the Bite attacks lol
This is where the Kitten Training Academy is inside every Borderland Jumping Puzzle! Check it out and bring your friends! This video was recorded using MSI Afterburner.
we train this kitten for the firsttime weehhee
Playin with my brothers kitten :D… Gta love the innocence of cats & all other animals – they are not human like us and cannot be corrupted by greed, lust, envy – evil. Filmed it [More]
The American Shorthair is the pedigreed version of the well-known and beloved domestic shorthair. This versatile cat can be bred for any number of colors and patterns, including the popular silver tabby. Learn more at [More]
Egyptian Maus are a small- to medium-sized short-haired cat breed. Along with the Bahraini Dilmun cat, they are one of the few naturally spotted breeds of domesticated cat. The spots of the Mau occur on [More]
One of the best-known cat breeds, the Siamese is curious, smart, vocal and demanding. The Siamese comes in two types: show and traditional. The show Siamese is a work of modern art, all lines and [More]
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Lucky Fail Compilation #004 LINK TO ONLY FUN COMPILATION: These videos are for entertainment purposes only If you are the video owner of any of the clips used and have a problem with your [More]
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Stop Bad Cat Behavior: Reason #1: To this day, I’ve read and studied more than 100 books and articles about cat behavior, cat health, and cat care…I’ve worked closely with vets, animal shelter and [More]
Solve Cat Problems: Do you have a cat that is: Ignoring the litter box and instead peeing and pooping on the floor, your bed, your bathtub, or anywhere else they shouldn’t be? Biting you, [More]
To some animals, #ZooEnrichment means testing one’s survival skills. For the fishing cat kitten born April 15, it means learning how to fish! A patient mother, Electra watches her kitten as it wades and pounces [More]
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Directed by Evan Erickson || Filmed by Tim Brown and Jeremy Stegman Filmed at Adopt-A-Cat no kill cat shelter and Bobby Ziegler/Jon MacPherson’s home in Spenard, Alaska. Pretty Birds that Kill is Bobby and Steffi. [More]
Thank you for watching, Please comment, like and subscribe: KALINA is a gorgeous Maine Coon that came to the shelter in September 2013. The most adorable cat I ever had. KALINA une superbe Maine [More]
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Thank you for watching, Please comment, like and subscribe: POLLY is a georgous Maine Coon POLYDACTYL (two thumbs) on the front paws. (See other videos). POLLY est une Maine Coon POLYDACTYLE (2 pouces) aux [More]
Taken from the official soundtrack to Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, “A Very Grumpy Christmas” by House of Breaking Glass Available to buy in stores and online: Amazon: iTunes: Find us online: Website: [More]
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Subscribe for a Cleaner Life! Swheat Shares is a litter donation program run by Swheat Scoop. Learn how they provide very generous support to cat rescues and how you can nominate a cat shelter [More]
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Kitten Rescue cam
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Livin’ tha Dream! Happy Birthday Devon and Dustin!
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Slow and easy intro. Linux (4 months) met Siri (2 months) for the first time. She just arrived home and gotten a shower. She was in her play pen and Linux was given the freedom [More]
Linux & Siri learn to share the same bed and toys. We bought the Kong yellow duck small dog toy meant for small pets. This fits them really well and makes a cute squeek This [More]
Sometimes we just have to interrupt our dog training sessions and have a little fun with the other member s of the household, too:)
Awesome Epic Funny Random Viral Videos of a Snooty Cat
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Spoon feeding adorable baby pigs 2014 Subscriber Channel: Watch as these cute little baby pigs enjoy feeding time. How adorable is that? By the looks of it, they’re really enjoying it! Credit to ‘ajhopen’. [More]
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I washed the dog and cat toys today, Munch, after not playing with them for months, decided he NEEDED one of them and dug it out!