10 Fun Facts About the Domestic Shorthair Cat

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Unlike dogs, cats aren’t usually known for their breed type, or for coming when they’re called. However, there are many different kinds of cats, and today we here at Chewy are going to educate your brain on the most common cat breed with some fun facts of the domestic shorthair cat. This breed is best known for being common house cats, and are the number one type of domestic cats in terms of popularity–chances are, if you see a cat that doesn’t look like any specific breed, it’s probably a domestic shorthair cat! And even though they are domestic cats, they’re close cousins with the American shorthair and British shorthair type of cats, and share similar qualities to those cat breeds. Like many cats, they are playful and affectionate, but also love to lounge around all day–especially in the sun! They also have a wide variety of physical features, they can be big cats or small cats, and can come in all different colors and patterns. So if you’re looking for fun facts of the domestic shorthair cat, look no further. Grab your kitty, snuggle up in your chair, get her pur-machine going, and learn all about this fun and interesting cat breed.

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