10 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Bengal Cat!

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Bengal cats are definitely a fun breed, but before you decide to own one for yourself, there are a few things you might want to know about them. 🙂

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Cameron Nadel says:

how much do they normally cost??

Michael Stern says:


I currently have a Siamese mix, just over a year old. I was considering
getting a bengal kitten, and wondered if you have any advice on what to

Allison Parks says:

um that chewing is not a Bengal characteristic…….I have a pure bred
marbled Bengal who doesn’t chew anything but food. Any cat that chews
everything should be taken to the vet, they may have a medical problem
called Pica http://www.icatcare.org:8080/advice/problem-behaviour/pica-cats

mintsiez says:

most of these are the reasons i love bengal cats?

Kyle Walker says:

We have one, all true – he does all of what you showed, including chewing
the corners of our couches! Now that he is a little older he seems to have
stopped that, but has destroyed every pair of flip flops my wife owns. Ya
gotta love em. ?

CAThy Wallis says:

WONDERFUL! I have 7! hahahah! Loved this! ?

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