20 Coolest Looks For Your Dogs and Cats

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From Puppy Braids to over the top Neon Dogs here are 20 Coolest Looks For Your Dogs and Cats, what are you waiting for?!

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10. Puppy Braids
Again, if your pet’s hair is long enough, then braids are really easy to achieve.

9. Menswear Dog
This dapper guy is known on the internet as Menswear Dog. His instagram bio reads “the most stylish dog in the world.” On their instagram, you’ll find hundreds of other outfit of the day pics like this one where Menswear Dog is sporting aviator shades and a fur-lined collared jacket. To be honest, he dresses better than most of the guys I know my age. For those who can’t get enough of this GQ featured canine, there’s also a book available for purchase about Menswear Dog titled “The New Classics.” Sounds edgy.

8. Sesame Street
And you thought that Yoda one was a bit too much. I’m sure this dog can tell you exactly how to get to Sesame street. They just couldn’t stick with one character, could they? Even though it looks slightly terrifying, what matters is the dog looks happy and that their stylist is actually really talented. And is that Oscar the Grouch next to Big Bird down there?

7. Neon Dogs
This little dog belongs to makeup line-owner and social media famous personality Jeffree Star. The dog, whose name is diamond, has neon-colored fur, which was achieved using vegan friendly products.

6. Over the Top
If you and your pet are eccentric beings, you don’t have to look far on the internet. Loads of pets get over-the-top styles done for them. I’m not really sure what this poodle’s going for. It looks a lit inspired by a peacock and a bit inspired by a pegasus. Either way, it’s evident that whoever styled this poodle had a lot to do and work with. The style’s a bit extreme, but hey. Fashion’s an ever-evolving trade.

5. Hairy Potter
Whether you’re a young, new Harry Potter fan or an older Potterhead who now has their own place and enough money to get the pet you always wanted but you parents never followed through on adopting, then get inspired by this dog dressed as The Chosen One. Surely He-who-must-not-be-named doesn’t stand a chance.

4. Dragon Cat
Pets can have all sorts of hair-jobs done for them at this salon in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Salon owner, Daria Gotz, transformed this cat, Vaska, into a green dragon. Gotz insists the dyes they use at the salon are pet friendly and are made from botanical extracts. At the same salon, many cats and dogs have come out looking wholly unique, to the delight of their owners and passersby, including a dog was styled to look like a bumblebee.

3. Simple and Effective
Sometimes a good old-fashioned haircut and hairstyle change is all you need to spice your look up. The same goes for humans. This is Rocco, whose original look started off a bit shaggier looking. Rocco’s fur was even covering the poor dog’s eyes. Fast-forward after a grooming with Patricia Sugihara and Rocco’s looking fresh with a dramatic side part and choppy layers. It’s a very 80s inspired look, very vintage. And it’s probably one of the most practical ways to go.

2. Tiger Dog
Looks like making your pet look like a different animal is all the rage. This retriever that lives in China ha it’s fur colored to look like a tiger. At first glance, like the panda-colored dogs, it can be a bit startling.

Nerdy Cool
Like people, dogs can also benefit from looking well-dressed in a nerdy cool fashion. Meet Remix, a Toronto-based pupster who is “stylishly bearded” like your favorite hipster. This Miniature Schnauzer has his own instagram account where you and your pet can gets some outfit inpso should your pet (or your) wardrobe should start feeling drab. His site claims Remix is indeed the “Dumbledore of Dogdom.”


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