24.07.2010: Life In A Day of a Persian Cat

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This video is inspired by the Ridley Scott & Kevin Macdonald YouTube project ‘Life In A Day’.

You can read more about ‘Life In A Day’ here:

And here for one of the sources of inspiration for project: The Mass Observation Archive:

Very cool — since the 1930s, diaries, questionnaires and more have been collected recording the lives of people in the UK.

‘Life In A Day’ will give a whole new take on ‘mass observation’ and it will be very interesting to see what people have been up to around the world in their everyday lives; The ordinary and extraordinary.

So why the kitty ? *lol*

YouTube and cute cat videos: They kinda go together, right ?

So here you have Fiama (Traditional Persian cat) from 7.15 in the morning to 1.03 at night (the very last segment, and yes I know, past midnight, but cats don’t have watches 😉

More or less every hour during the day I made a couple of videos and this is a compilation in chronological order.

It is a pretty typical summer day for my kitties. My cats are very active (Persians are not the sofa cushions you are lead to believe) tho Fiama went a bit overboard here. Usually there will be more than one catnap during the day.

So back to the mass observation: If you watch carefully you will also see how one crazy cat lady spent her summer day in 2010 😉


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