4 DIY Cat Toys. Easy to Make #cattoys #diy #handmade

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Welcome to our chanel Ikigai Art Lab!
In this Video i will show 4 different DIYs how to make a cat toys and save yourself couple of dollars.
I used some staff i had at home from my crafting projects:
-Wooden sticks
-Colored Feather
-Hot Glue
– Catnip
-Cotton wool

Please use time stamp if you want to go to the next toy.
00:06 feather wand toy
02:41 Felt Wand toy
06:46 Wand toy with eyes
09:21 Catnip Parrot (Felt)

Enjoy the videos and we are sending lots of creative inspiration to all of you guys!
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We believe that creativity can add more beauty to our world!
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