4 Week Old Kitty Litter Box Training 101 – Part 1 – Victorian Gardens Cattery

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Watch Primrose and Willie’s 4 week old Persian and Himalayan kittens as they try to potty train on the litter box with Feline Pine. It is amazing how they pick up on their own how to pee in the potty box. Primrose and Willie had a rare litter of all Tortoiseshell Persians and Himalayan girls. She had two very rare Chocolate Tortoiseshell Persians, one Chocolate Tortie Point Himalayan, a Seal Tortie Point Himalayan and a Black Tortoiseshell Persians. You can see more of these beauties at our website.

Dam: The Perfect Primrose, Cream CPC Persian
Sire: CH Willie Wonka, Chocolate Point Himalayan



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