4K Cat Cafe Video – Cat Screensavers Download

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Cat Cafe video is available for download as 6 different cat screensavers at https://www.uscenes.com/video/cat-cafe/

Download Options:
1. 4K Ultra HD 20 Minute Cat Cafe Video (to loop on UHD TV screens).
2. Full HD 20 minute Cat Cafe Video (to loop on HD TV screens).
3. 4K Microsoft Windows cat screensaver which loops automatically every 3 minutes. For any Windows laptop or PC
4. 4K Apple Mac OS cat screensaver which also self loops every 3 minutes.
5. Full HD Windows cat screensaver
6. Full HD Mac cat screensaver

All versions come with the simple sounds of a cat’s purr. This is so relaxing and perfect as a study aid, sleep aid, meditation aid.

The video along with the purring sounds works wonders in sensory rooms and for keeping kids entertained when you don’t want noisy TV shows or video games on.

Visit https://www.uscenes.com/video/cat-cafe/ to choose your download and learn more about this cat cafe in one of the cat cafe capitals of the worl: Chiang Mai in Thailand.

We have already begun filming more cat screensavers in cat cafes and will release them soon. Next times things get super cute when we bring cat nip to another cat cafe.

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