5 RARE CAT BREEDS you’ve probably never heard of! (Rarest DOMESTIC CATS!)

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5 RARE CAT BREEDS you’ve probably never heard of! (Rarest DOMESTIC CATS!)

Friends, we hope you enjoy this very informative and educational animal video that features some very rare, unique and cute cats (and kittens)!

5. MINSKIN cat:

The MINSKIN cat is a unique and rare animal derived from the crossing of a Munchkin with a Sphynx…

First developed by Paul McSorley in 1998, Minskins are highly intelligent, outgoing and playful. Their small stature means that they rely a little more on creative thinking — rather than brawn and athleticism — to achieve their goals.

4. SAVANNAH cat:

The very exotic looking SAVANNAH is another hybrid animal — developed by crossing a Serval (a wild Africa cat) with a domestic breed…

Becoming increasingly popular throughout the 1990s, the incredibly loyal, water-loving Savannahs are the largest breed of domesticated cats.

3. MUNCHKIN cat:

The tiny MUNCHKIN cat is famous for its very, very short legs — caused by a naturally prevailing genetic mutation…

Sweet-natured and people-loving, Munchkins respond very well indeed to being petted and handled — they are also very inquisitive and intelligent and enjoy mental stimulation.

2. SIBERIAN cat:

Much loved throughout the centuries in its homeland of Russia, the SIBERIAN domestic cat is an ancient breed known for its dog-like loyalty and affectionate personality…

Because Siberians are a “natural” breed (not a human developed cross breed) they are robustly healthy and are known to thrive in harsh weather.

1. ELF cat:

The absolutely extraordinary ELF cat is an extremely rare hybrid breed achieved by the crossing of a Sphynx with an American Curl…

This hairless and athletic creature is characterized by its exquisitely curled ears and by its intelligent mischievousness and love of climbing and heights.

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