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So, Olivia forced me, Colin, and Jake to run a 5K with her on Saturday. I mean, yeah, it was for a good cause (Kitten Rescue Los Angeles), but I SERIOUSLY hate waking up early. More than anything. Nonetheless, I’m very glad she ended up dragging me along, because it was a great experience, and we got to help some kitties along the way!

Thanks to the LA Kitten Rescue for supporting us:

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Griphen84 says:

Cool. Jake is very full of energy. 😉 Run, run, run for the kittens!?

Aria Inthavong says:

No idea how they convinced you to go – anyone that tries to wake me up
early is doing so at risk of being tased. In the eyeballs. But, hey, at
least you had a great time!?

Todd Graham says:

I too am not a fan of mornings, cats, or running. Since you did a good deed
I suppose I’ll try and wake up by 11am tomorrow, not make a cat joke, and
do a fat man jog (running, but at the same speed I’d normally walk without
a single ounce of urgency).
Real talk though, * high fives * all around for taking part in a good cause
🙂 ?

Scott Zakarin says:

I want one of those t-shirts?

Sean New says:

I was totally just skipping at the bar last night. And, if I do say so
myself (which I do), I was VERY GOOD at it. There might be something to
that gay people skipping theory. ?

Lucy Looks Out says:

How much money did they raise? ?

Colin Wiley says:

This was a good day! :)?

The Gist says:


Openly Jake says:

Cat tights! Who wants to go tight shopping???

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