A Young Meowth in Training! – Cutest Kitten Playing (:

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This is my new kitten! She has to be separated from my other pets for now, so that is why we are in the basement and the lighting is dim. But I am sure there will be more of this kitten on YT Go west Young Meowth


Daniel Gräber says:


nimtra says:

Grab your pokedex jjp I bet its a shiny meowth or s kitty

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:

lmao (:

Pedro Sousa says:

awwwww so cute ^^

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:

nooo!!! lol

Nico Nordlund says:

sooooooooooo cute 🙂 🙂 🙂

JoannsAbandonments says:

IT’S SO CUTE!!! Gah, I wish I could have a kitten/cat oh the troubles I
must endure lol

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:

since its a kitty, skitty makes a lot of sense!

Manga Girl LVL. X says:

Awwwwwww I wanna hug it! :3 So adorable!

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:


Pokemonpringles1 says:

tell us the story….. was she/he abandoned

Pyrovuurtje says:

Damnit!!! I think that iit got lost : ( I guess lately the change that it
arrives is smaller then that it gets lost!! Because this is the 2nd time
this week and 1 Monster Binder from the UK should have arrived within 5-8
days and its day 8 and nothing in the mail.. Hate it!

Stellar Amanda says:

Ohh my GOOODDNESS. What’s its name? This is adorable, I just want to EAT
IT- I mean pet it and kiss its tiny little head. <3

totalytay says:

Can you pleeeeeeeeeeease do a tutorial for the egg you supposedly get by
leaving two pokemon at the route 3 day care in pokemon black?I’m
skeptical… lol.

Jordan Fan says:

Cute cat! Great video JJP!

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:


Aydyn Weikel says:

Now wait im alergic to adorableness *sees kitten* aw. *dies from kitten*

Yellowpages2012 says:

Imma steal your cat 😛

Ronaldo6388 says:

stop touching me!!

BajaBugJG says:

To a persian ,liepard,which 1XDXDXD

Myvchole Price says:

Oh my gosh! I want one sooo bad! Please teach it to talk.

Andrew Sanchez says:

I got 3 kittens =^-^= XP

pokefighters says:

its statictcg 😀

kirbyfan117 says:


JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:

thanks dude! (:

pokeguy1955 says:

wow what a cute cat also i like your jungle opening bro

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:

thanks man (:

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:


JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:

she does! lol she is the cutest

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:

deal! lmao nah neverrr

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:

thanks man (:

NintendovsSega M says:

is this the cat you were talking about

JstAnotherPokemonGuy says:

What’s her name? 😀

LuigiFanCoolizo CP says:


Milotic Moon says:

Gotta catch em’ all!

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:

no!!! lol

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:


avan garcia says:

cute cat

pawsouls says:

Remind me of my kitten, they look alike

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:

x infinity!

RayleeBallinCheese says:

ddi you catch meoth in the wild were all the pokemon are free and what
moves will he learn he knows how to do scrath

LoveDanielColin says:

oh so cute & those claws 🙂

LuigiFanCoolizo CP says:

I’m a guy And I stil think this is too adorable!

JordanJapanNintendoFan? says:

lmao! :p

zXHerpaDerpXz says:

Meowth used Charm ! It Was Super Effective !

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