Abandoned kitten rescue

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In a busy street she was walking alone. She looked dirty and tired. We don’t take the kittens immediately when we first meet them because she might have a mom around who is taking care of. So we waited for mom long hours. During this time kitten fell asleep on our laps. Mom wasn’t around. People around don’t know this kitten. We decided she was abandoned. We can’t leave her there because there are cars running in the street. We took her home. Clean her face and gave her food. She ate tuna fish cat food and fell asleep, a deep sleep. She stayed with us few nights and became healthy. She started crying, didn’t want to stay at home. So we took her to cat house where people look after stray cats. She met her new friends. After few days she was adopted by a cat lover. #kittenrescue #abandonedkitten #kitten #kittensvideo #pettingcat #straycat #freecat #feralcat #citycat


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