Abandoned kitten Rescued from freezing weather | Happy Ending | abandoned kitten rescue

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Most of the people who has gold hearts send us emails about asking PayPal/Other account for sending donation. They sincerely want to help the pets, because they know how expensive everything is for cats. But I want to say thank you so much from bottom of my heart to all those. Actually At this time, we need your prayers and love. We just want ,you donate your time to us for watching our Videos and Send us your prayers through Comments below the Video. We don’t need money right now because we are managing all expenses of our shelter easily.

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On a cold night, we found a kitten. who was dying on the side of the road with shivering . His name is Robin.?When we brought him to our center,
his body was trembling but his soul was calm. Maybe now he was feeling himself in safe hands. His innocent face was telling the story of helpless
moments as he waited for death in the cold night. He was very hungry. because when we gave him food, he finished the food quickly. We provided him a warm place where he could sleep as long as he wanted. Restful sleep, sleep in which there is no need to look for food after waking up, as he did in street life. He was very happy with us because every day he got his favourite food and by eating it Robin was getting bigger and healthy day by day. Seeing him happy would take away the tiredness of the day. Now he has been adopted. In this Video you can see a complete documentary (from rescue to till adoption and after adoption shots also included).
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abandoned kitten rescued from freezing weather | happy ending | abandoned kitten rescue


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