Adorable kittens rescued from the BC wildfires –

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UPDATE SEP 26: Birch and Pele are looking for a home together.
Patty has joined the Marshmallow colony, and we are still working on getting her prolapsed rectum resolved. Sweetie, Elliott, Gabby, Cariboo (Swirls), Ellie (Spots), Cordelius (Snaps), Cache and Luca are all ready for homes.

UPDATE SEP 24: Hale, Phoenix, Riske and Milo are going home!

UPDATE AUG 12: Patty may have one of the common upper respiratory viruses making her feel a bit under the weather, with one of the symptoms being “shifting lameness”. Please don’t be alarmed if you see her limping. Unfortunately, just like human colds, the only treatment we can provide is excellent supportive care until she’s feeling better. This is likely the same kind of virus Nel and Lucy of the Canada kittens had when they first arrived. A TinyKittens volunteer is spending the night at HQ to keep a close eye on everyone, but we expect her to be feeling better in another day or two. Her rectum is doing better today.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, please visit the chats at our other two livestreams at – we don’t have enough moderators to run three chats. Thank mew!

NAMES: We went with a #BCStrong / resilience theme:
Floofy black boy: Phoenix (who will rise from the ashes…)
Floofy tabby boy: Hale (strong, vigorous, resilient)
Tabby tuxie boy: Birch (Celtic symbol of new beginnings)
Torbie girl: Pele (the Goddess of Fire)

JULY 23: Socialization begins today! Our goal is to find these guys homes once they are spayed/neutered and ready for a pampered life with a human family. If you’re interested, adoption info is at:

JULY 22: We have just arrived from the airport with four feral kittens approximately 4 months old, who have been evacuated from the #BCWildfire zone. The two tabbies and the panther are boys, and the torbie is a girl.

These kittens (and countless more) are safe thanks to the tireless efforts of Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada, whose mission is to assist animals during large scale emergencies like we’re seeing with these wildfires. They have been working round the clock to get animals out of harms way and reunited with their families. The four we have just collected don’t have families, so we are taking them to help free up space in the evacuation zone.

We are so grateful for our amazing firefighters, RCMP, NPOs, volunteers, and the thousands of kind strangers who are coming together across the province to make sure humans AND animals have shelter, food, medical care and supplies during this difficult time.

For those who may be worried, we are not in any danger from the fires in our location.


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Concerning Trolls: Ignore them. That’s what they hate the most. Their goal is to upset you so you yell at them. They think this is funny.

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Thank mew so much to everyone who is watching!


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