Alvi cat : training him to use the stairs

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Bathmofobia. Of course we didn’t know what this word meant before consulting the dictionary. It actually refers to a ‘deep fear of stairs’. One would almost think our Alvi to be a bathmofobic, as he refuses to take a few simple stairs to go up and down our high bed. Instead he prefers to jump. Still that’s much riskier and he has already been hurt once landing the wrong way. That’s why we decided to give him some training…
By the way: we think the true reason has to do with a cat’s nature not to show any weaknesses. In nature, as long as a cat is fit, he will eager to show it to its competitors. For us humans, tools for the elderly are nothing but normal, but out in the wild any kind of complacency can be deadly.
Watch until the end, as Alvi videos usually have both a head and a tail!

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