America’s Greatest Hero – Pt 1 – Caturday Morning Cartoons Short 7

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Caturday Morning Cartoons/Madcat Productions is your source for loads of crazy, funny, or weird cartoons. We are on a journey to grow our personal skills and to grow our team, to bring you superb quality animated cartoons. Subscribe now, and get involved. Grow with us!

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Caturday Morning Cartoons staff:

Michael Davis – Lead animator, Backgrounds, Character Designs, Story Boards, Voice Actor, Producer. Social Media Manager

Whitney Walker – Voice Actor, Musician, Writer, Creative Director

Caturday Morning Cartoons is a Proud member of the Channel Frederator Network! Your source for all the best Animation on the net.

The Caturday Morning Cartoons “Shorts” series is a collection of cartoons created by Michael Davis and Whitney Walker. Think of them as “Pilots”. Once we find the right cartoon for our audience, we will happily produce a complete animated series from the short. The BEST part is, you will get to decide. Stay tuned. Big things are happening around here!

Thanks for watching our cartoon, we loved making it for you! Come back soon and watch another one!


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