Baby Kitten, Don’t Go with Strangers | Super Policeman | Kids Safety Tips | Kitten Family | BabyBus

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Let’s Learn Safety Tips with Baby Panda:
BabyBus | Baby Kitten Songs & Stories | Kitten Mimi & Timi | The Kitten Family

Baby Kitten’s family and their friends are having fun in an amusement park today. Oh no! A stranger comes to Miumiu and Mimi when Daddy Cat is not beside! Will they follow the stranger?

Baby Kitten, Don’t Go with Strangers | Super Policeman | Kids Safety Tips | Baby Kitten Family | BabyBus
00:05 Baby Kitten, Don’t Go with Strangers
02:53 Watch out for Strangers | Don’t Take Anything from Strangers | Kids Outdoor Safety Tips
05:22 Baby Kitten Got Scalded
07:57 Baby Kitten, Be Careful on Elevator
10:51 Don’t Eat The Food Dropped on the Ground
13:16 Never Open the Door to Strangers
16:33 Baby Kitten’s Trapped in Curtains | Home Safety Tips for Children
18:33 Monster Police Car Patrol Team | BabyBus Safety Tips

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