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1.This is a multi-functional cat toy, a funny cat teaser. This toy can be shaken back and forth by a nudge from cat. The bottom of the toy is designed with a weight, so the toy will not fall. When the weight move back and forth, the two balance wheels will also move back and forth to attract more interest of the cat.
2.There is a built-in high-content catnip ball and an interactive cat ball on top of the toy, which can attract the cat’s attention more, increase the cat’s interest in playing, and make cat happy. The catnip ball also helps the cat to discharge swallowed hairballs.
3.The cat can interact with the toy alone, or be accompanied by its owner. This toy and the interactive cat ball can move back and forth to bring more fun to cats.
4.This product is made of environmentally friendly and healthy ABS material, which is strong and durable.
5.After a lot of tests, its shown that cats like this toy very much it can relieve cats’ anxiety when unaccompanied at home and and improve their IQ.
Material: ABS
Product Size: 0.21 *0.19 *0.54inches, 7oz
Package: 100pcs per box, 1.8 * 1.15 * 1.51 inches, 45.2 Lbs


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