Battlefield 4 Funny Montage! I.E.D Roulette ,Grumpy Cat Kill , Epic Jet Swaps (BF4 Funny Moments)

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Battlefield 4 Funny Montage for you guys
Thanks you for all the support 😀
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ResuLdu57 says:

One of your best episode x)?

aaronlawd says:

Like if Grumpy Cat is OP 😀 ?

Joey Bady says:

This was too scottish for me..?

Kamil Ward?ga says:

Azzy x Chaa drinking game!
Take a shot when:
Azzy gets squashed
Azzy squashes someone
Killed in action
Take two shots when:
Chaa gets squashed by Azzy
Azzy is done with this game
Something is OP?

CriptykGaming says:

Azzy again. Thank you for living. ?

Ben Connor says:

Another one of your great videos, YOU ALWAYS SAY IM GONNA UNINSTALL THIS

TheAverageGamer Liam says:

Haha that was a funny video, i enjoyed it ?????

Kristoph Shmit says:

Subbed Bro :))?

McCade Smith says:

god that made me laugh so hard!?

RusparD says:

I love what you guys do. Your videos make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe.
It makes dealing with medical leave a whole lot easier, thank you so much,
Keep up the good work!?

syun1402 says:

where are they living azzy and chaboyy?
do you know someone??

Jose Ramirez says:

Lmao Azzy always makes me laugh 😀 ?

Corporal TaZe says:


Mustafa Wajeah says:

Bro ur videos are awesome they r very funny lool i got a subscriber ?

anton simmons says:


Griffin Anderson says:

1st and live the vids?

A- Gamer says:

Check out my new vids and leave a like?

VaultGamer XZ says:

First comment yay?

Blake Speaks says:

Play with neebs gaming that would be a

Billbo Baggins says:


Erick Costa says:

1st comment?

iFlawlessNinja says:

1st comments OP?

Yackov97 says:

Yay azzyyyyyy?

Phoenix Fire says:

the IED roulette was a set up azzy xD?

LRTRIX says:

I lost it at the grumpy cat lol. Keep up these videos! ?

TomaHawkSDCS says:

You Sir need a face cam, like hella.,.?

?CroGamerHD | U Mad Brø ? says:

Azzy you are awesome ;)?

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