Bengal Cat / Cat Breed

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In 60s of the XX century Jean Mill, a breeder from California, adopted a leopard cat and allowed it to interact with a homeless black cat so it wouldn’t be bored. She was fairly amazed when two separate species had an affair that resulted in the litter of kittens. Mill decided to keep a spotted female and subsequently cross it back to its father. Resulting kittens possessed luxuriously coloured, highly contrasted coats with bright marmoreal spots.

Approximately at the same period, Dr. Willard Centerwall was engaged in breeding work whose goal was to produce the hybrid of the leopard cat and the ordinary domestic cat with natural resistance to leukaemia virus. Gradually various breeders were captured by the thought of developing a new breed with uniquely wild look and pleasant temperament and Jean Mill was one of them. She bought several feline hybrids of Dr. Centerwall and began searching for proper males to cross with them. Finally she found two suitable specimens, bred them to the doctor’s half-feral cats and a new breed was born.


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