Big Cat Rescue~ Big Cat Briefing 12052018

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Its been a couple heartbreaking days. In spite of that everyone pulled together and got everything done. All the cats got fed cleaned and enriched even though we were stretched thin with kids tours and a really sick cat.

I appreciate everyone’s help and understanding that myself and the other coordinators and staff were preoccupied with taking care of Maya.

Today was no exception and we had a lot of great help.

Megan, Pam Rodriguez, Melinda Berkley-Coats, Candy Couser, and Mazz took care of the kids tour.

Tanya, Victoria DiGiacomo, MaryLou Geis, Sharon Henry, Mary Jerome, and Elle took care of Cleaning.

Food prep was done just after lunch by the Interns.

During tours Mary J, Megan Myers, Candy and Susana Zhong cleaned up around the scrap metal pile and make it easier to sort and get to all the caging.

Des Serval was examined and mats were shaved. He will be in the recovery hospital overnight.

All the picky cats ate well today!

I an on vacation starting tomorrow till December 10th.

That’s it for me!


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