Bombay Cat Facts

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View our Bombay Cat Facts video and find out everything you need to know in one Bombay Cat Facts video. A single video crammed full of facts on this cat breed.

Bombay Cat Facts video content:
Cat breed: Bombay.
The Bombay cat breed came about by crossing the sable Burmese and black American Shorthairs.
Bombay Cat Facts -The idea behind the crossing was to produce a miniature Black Panther lookalike.
There is no link to Bombay in India.
Bombay Cat Facts – A breeder called Nikki Horner from Louisville in Kentucky has been credited for the breed which started in the 1950’s.
Bombay Cat Facts – In 1978 the Cat Fanciers Association gave recognition to the Bombay cat breed.
Bombay Cat Facts – Similar to the Burmese cat breed, with the exception of the Bombay having a shiny smooth black coat, larger, longer body and legs.
Lifespan: 12 to 16 years.
Weight: Between 6 and 11 pounds.
Size: The Bombay is classed as a medium size cat.
Bombay Cat Facts – Personality.
The Bombay cat breed is affectionate and enjoys human company.
The breed are adaptable in as much as they will be happy as apartment cats.
Bombay Cat Facts – A playful cat breed that is willing to learn new tricks.
They enjoy warm areas so you may often find them under the covers.
One point worth giving serious consideration is that it is not unusual for Bombay cats to become sexual mature from five months of age.
Bombay Cat Facts – Bombay Cat Facts – Male Bombay cats may not reach full size until 2 years of age.
Bombay Cat Facts – Children and Other Pets.
The Bombay cat makes a great family cat especially if the family are active and willing to play games and teach new tricks.
The breed will happily get on with other family pets although they may want to be the main focal point when around other pets.
They have been seen on a leash but this would take time and training from an early age.
Bombay Cat Facts – They will get on well with children that treat a cat with respect, dogs are not an issue providing they are cat friendly.
Always introduce slowly and under adult supervision at all times.
Bombay Cat Facts – Health and Care
When it comes to a cat’s health it should not be forgotten that both pedigreed and mixed-breed cats can come with generic health problems.
The Bombay cat breed are generally considered to be a healthy breed.
Bombay Cat Facts – The Bombay cat breed have shown instances of craniofacial defect, also known as Burmese head defect as the defect is seen in Burmese cats.
Grooming the coat, can be as simple as a weekly comb or brush when it comes to the Bombay cat.
Bombay Cat Facts – A daily brush of the teeth is recommended to prevent periodontal disease.
A weekly ear check is recommended if cleaning is needed use damp cotton balls/soft cloth never used cotton swabs they can damage the ear.
Litter boxes should always be kept clean.
Bombay Cat Facts – Quirky Fact: The black coat gene is dominant in the Bombay, occasionally a sable coloured kitten can be born in a Bombay litter.

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