Brandi & the Intoxicating Kittens: Kittens Are Here!

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PSA: If you are feeling anxious / worried about the kittens please take a break, come back shortly, and enjoy the kittens

Kittens are here!
1: White girl with small black beret, Born 6:15a, 111g (3.9oz)
2: White girl with triangle black mullet, born 6:58a, 114.6g (4.0oz)
3: White boy, born 7:18a, 108.5g (3.8oz)
4: Torbie girl, born 7:45 a, 114g (4.0oz)
5: White boy, born 8:03a, 124.8g (4.4oz)
6: White with black backslash on forehead, born 9:45a, 104.9g (3.7oz)

Weight Chart:

Pregnancy Updates:
June 26: Still pregnant. Enjoyed purring in my lap. No discharge. Temp roughly the same as the last few days (99-100 in the ear, may be an inaccurate reading).
Jun 25: Explores nest. Still pregnant. Kittens appear lower in her abdomen. Appetite slightly less than yesterday, but not significantly.
June 24: Still pregnant. Far too relaxed. Eating well.
June 23: Calm day. Still pregnant.
June 22: Brandi fooled foster mom by nesting. Foster mom sleeps in kitten room.
June 22: Brandi is nesting.
June 20: another HOT day. AC unit distressed Brandi.
June 19: Picky about gushies in hot weather.
June 18th: She *might* have milk coming in the lowest mammary gland.
June 15th-18th: Babies are busy.

Meet Brandi and her Intoxicating Kittens!

Brandi was wandering around an apartment complex, alone and hungry, when a kind, cat-person recognized that she didn’t have a home. A FOUND CAT sign was posted around the complex, but no one responded. Brandi’s finder couldn’t care for her, so they reached out to animal control to get her brought in and rescued so her babies wouldn’t be born outdoors. She had no microchip, no tags, a far too snug collar, lots of fleas, and was pretty skinny aside from the bulging babies. After the three-day stray hold, animal control was able to transfer Brandi to MEOW Cat Rescue on the very day I said I could pick up fosters for the summer.

I suspect she is 7-8 weeks along(June 15th), meaning we have 2-3 weeks remaining. She appears to have had kittens before (her nipples are used) and was once a loved by some hoomins.

Spring Quarter Countdown:
– Biology Final Grade: 98.23%
– Chemistry Final Grade: 97.95%


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Christine’s Kitten Room is a room where foster kittens grow before returning to the shelter, healthy and fixed, to await for adoption. Please enjoy the permanent residents, Mya and Snowpee, watch the local birds visit the feeders when no foster kittens are available.

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