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Welcome to Kitten O’Clock!

UPDATE: Sept 13, 2019
Mama Candy went into labor in the afternoon, and had 5 gorgeous kittens!

1/ Black and white tuxie (possibly some ginger?) @16:35 108g (unsure m/f)
2/ Tabby tuxie @16:48 107g (male)
3/ Calico mini me! @17:23 102g (female)
4/ Ginger and white @ 17:50 107g (male)
5/ Ginger @ 18:17 91g (male)

Weight Chart:

View or add your own screenshots here:

CANDY is a street cat from Canley Vale, in Sydney’s west who arrived into care on Saturday, Sept 6th. She’s due to have her last litter of kittens any day now. We’re expecting 5 kittens, according to X-Rays.

Her temperament so far is friendly but very shy. She is tolerating and sometimes enjoying being petted. Hopefully we can get her to purr soon!

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KITTEN O’CLOCK has four other rescue cats available for adoption, see the adoption profiles at the below links. All available cats come desexed, vaccinated, flea/worm treated and microchipped.

WANT TO HELP? (Thank you!!)
PayPal cash donations can be made to



PANDA & Mr. KNIGHTLY (come as a bonded pair)
Application Form:

SHELLEY (female tabby tuxie)

MAX (male / tabby)
Application Form:

– Please be polite! We’re all here to learn and watch the kitties. Please be kind to each other 🙂
– No all caps. Caps are used to transcribe what the channel says during visits for the hearing impaired or people unable to use audio.
– No more than 4 emojis – more than that clogs up chat and looks weird and mostly ugly 😉
– No roll calls – A roll call is a general question such as, ‘Say yes if you like cats!’, We all like cats here, so please don’t clog up the chat!
– Trolls will be given timeouts and banned if they persist in trolling, and asked to have a nice day somewhere else on the internet.


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