Cat colony evacuated from #BCWildfires –

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More about our rescue work:

UPDATE AUG 2: Sweetie and Elliott have been moved temporarily into another room, and will have supervised colony time until Sweetie is able to get his neuter on Tuesday. This colony is *extremely* bonded, and it is important to consider their emotional well-being by letting them interact as much as possible.

We have names for our new arrivals evacuated from the #BCWildfires! We are keeping with our #BCStrong / resilience theme and naming the new colony after communities affected by the wildfires.

Gabby (torbie mama)
Cariboo (classic torbie girl)
Ellie (mackerel torbie girl, after Elephant Hill)
Cordelius (ginger BOY, an homage to their rescuer, Dee, as well as Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip)

Riske (white floofy boy w/ green eyes, after Riske Creek)
Cache (white floofy boy w/ copper eyes, after Cache Creek)
Raven (white floofy girl with blue eyes, after Raven Lake)
Renata (white girl w/ one blue and one copper eye, after Renata Creek)
Milo (ginger tuxie boy, after the Mile Houses)
Luca (dilute calico girl, after Lucas Lake)

Sweetie (tabby and white adult male)
Maisey (grey tabby adult female)
Elliott (classic tabby tuxie adult male)

We will need a lot of exceptional homes for these exceptional kitties! Here’s everything you need to know to apply:

This colony of 13 cats and kittens was trapped from a wildfire evacuation zone by an amazing volunteer named Dee. There isn’t anywhere for displaced feral cats to go during large scale emergencies like we’re seeing with the BC wildfires, so we offered to take in as many as we can. Meet the others:

We will provide medical care, spay/neuter, vaccinate, socialize and adopt these cats into loving homes. If any of the adults are not receptive to socialization, we will place them in exceptional barn homes and follow a strict rehoming protocol to ensure they are settled and happy in their new homes.

Taking on this many ferals at once is going to stretch us extremely thin, and we couldn’t do it without your support, our amazing volunteers, and the veterinary team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital.

To the countless other individuals and organizations out there doing far more than we are to help the humans and animals affected by the wildfires… THANK YOU.


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