Cat House & cat toys DIY from Cardboard boxes 2

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Homemade Cat Beds Too Cute to Resist. Your feline pal won’t be able to turn down a catnap here. All cat owners will agree that cats are low maintenance and easy to please. They learn to use the litter box quickly, there’s no need for long walks, trips to the park, and you never have to worry about how they’ll get along if you leave them for alone for a day.
The downside of having a cat is an occasional knocked over plant, cat hair on your clothes, unexpected attacks to your feet, random yowls in the middle of the night, and that one frayed corner of your lovely new couch. But other than that, cats are easy pets to care for. Give a cat an empty box or two, some water and food, daily affection when they ask for it, and they are set. But if you want to go the extra mile, here’s amazing do-it-yourself projects. We think your cat will be especially happy with.
Make a window perch.
All you need is an old tray, pillow, shelf brackets, and some screws. Even though kitty will never tell you, he/she will love you for it. You’ll know because this is where you’ll always find your kitty basking in the warm sunshine and spying on the birds
Bring the outdoors to your indoor cats with plants.
Plant some oat, rye, barley, catnip, and wheatgrass in a window planter. Follow directions on the plant seeds as some require complete darkness to sprout. When it’s ready, set the planter next to a window. Your feline will love nibbling on the greens. Plus, it’s good for them
Mount a wicker basket to the wall.
Find the perfect spot by considering a place and height where your cat likes to sleep. Get a short wicker basket and fasten securely to wall using at least 4 heavy duty wall mounting screw/nails and wall supports. For larger baskets and larger cats, you’ll need additional screws. Add a comfy cushion for the most comfy chill-out lounge your cat has ever seen. This is such a brilliant idea. Why didn’t we think of that sooner
Use orange peels to make cat repellent.
Want to keep kitty from chewing on your cords and favorite things? Spray some homemade citrus repellant and your things will be safe. They don’t like the smell at all.
Place orange peels in a pot of water, cover, and allow to boil for 10 minutes. Drain the juice into a bowl. When liquid is cooled, pour into a spray bottle. Now you have a natural cat repellant and air freshener
Upcycle your old iMac into an iBed.
Your cat won’t be able to resist this cute little iBed, plus it makes a great conversation piece
Create a hanging wall scratcher.
Use a hot glue gun to secure 1/4? sisal rope around a piece of wood. Drill holes in the top corners and use a 10? or longer rope to hang the scratcher to the wall. Option: Add several strands of colored string around the board at different intervals
Turn an old television into a retro cat bed.
Gut and clean out the television. Remove all wiring and debris. Finish by adding contact paper to the interior walls and any sharp edges. Add a comfy cushion or carpet. VoilĂ 
Upcycle a priority mail box into a peek-a-boo box cat toy.
By simply cutting holes into a large priority mail flat rate box from the post office and placing a ball or small toy inside, your cat will be entertained for hours. Add extra cardboard to the inside to create separate chambers. Decorate using contact paper or spray paint. Allow time for box to thoroughly dry before allowing your cat to play
Convert a storage box into a cat litter box.
Do you think those covered cat litter boxes are expensive? Here’s a money-saving alternative. Get a 25-gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck storage box. Using a marker, draw an opening on one end. Carefully cut out the opening with a utility knife. Fill the box with cat litter. Place a piece of carpet near the opening to catch excess litter.
Construct the perfect cat tent.
For this cat tent all you need is some cardboard, fabric, sponge or cotton, a glue gun and/or stapler
Keep your cat entertained with a cat puzzle.
The large food capacity disposable food containers make the perfect cat puzzles.


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