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NEW YORK — A cat was found dumped on a street in Brooklyn last week, along with a litter box and other feline-related supplies.

Abandoned like Moses left to float down the river, or the Penguin from Batman thrown into the sewer, it’s no wonder the kitty was crying.

It seems likely that for one heartless hipster, the cost of getting his pet hep cat neutered was too much — and probably much better spent on organic tofu burgers or ironic beard-grooming products.

The cat was dumped on Nostrand Avenue between Lefferts Avenue and Sterling Street, but disappeared soon after when a street-sweeper scared him off, sparking a frantic search among Brooklyn’s feline-loving community, The Dodo reported.

The hunt took several days but Nostrand — as the kitty was later named — eventually showed up on Sunday in a retired cat rescuer’s back yard.

FAT Cats, a local organization that advocates the trap, neuter and return of strays, was happy to take Nostrand in.

They got him vetted and screened for a microchip, which he didn’t have.

According to vets, Nostrand is a healthy 1-year-old, FAT Cats wrote on its Facebook page.

Many males cats are dumped by their owners when they mature because there are few places where they can be neutered cheaply in New York, according to FAT Cats.

Nostrand is now available for adoption. He comes with his own kitty litter and supplies.

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