Cat Rescue during Texas flood

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The flood trapped my cat Blanca under our house. We heard her crying for help. After several minutes of trying to get to her from outside, we realized the water was rising fast. My husband used a hammer to break through the floor board. Luckily, our cat had found an air pocket to keep her alive long enough for us to get to her.

Sorry about my sobbing guys, I love my cats so much. A hole in the floor beats a hole in my heart. ?? Losing a pet is unbearable but losing a pet to drowning? I just can’t! ? I’m so grateful for my hubby, he’s always my hero. ??

I have started a gofundme to help repair the hole in the floor we made to save Blanca, take her to the vet and also to secure the cat house for weather conditions such as heavy rain. Any help is greatly appreciated and we thank you with all our hearts! ?????

UPDATE: I would like to thank everyone who has helped us achieve our 1st goal of $1,000, which will be used
to take our cat Blanca to the vet, and to repair the house floor. After a lot of consideration, my husband and I have decided to turn our second house which is on the same property as our primary home into a shelter for cats. This house has two small rooms, a large master bedroom and a large living room, two showers, a kitchen and plenty of open area outside where cats can run and play to their hearts desire–we mainly use it for storage, but the flood damaged everything we had in it including the interior walls. We’re currently waiting on the American Red Cross, and other local organizations to help us clean it out. Our new goal is to raise $10,000 which we think should be enough to rebuild the interior of the house and purchase cat toys, play areas, food, and help with taking our rescue cats to see our trusted animal veterinarian. We’ll keep y’all updated with our progress.

Thank you. God bless.


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