Cat Rescue During the Hurricane! Dramatic Animal Rescues in the Louisiana Flood

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Pin It Being dad during a crisis is never easy. Not the worlds most amazing animal rescue ever caught on camera! I am just a man living in chaos, coping with loss and trying to keep my family and pets alive. Hurricane Isaac flooding our home as me and Hannah try to rescue our cats from certain death. Hard times and frustration on the bayou. Terror and panic was in the eyes and voices of our poor little cats. Storm footage from Steve and Hannah Spell

Our little cat dashie was so scared she was screaming for help! We could literally hear her talking to us. This was so hard for everyone back here. Heartbreaking indeed. Amazing storm footage from the bayou. Heartbreak, flooding and loss.
Dashie was just a little baby kitten when Hannah and I found her in the front of the neighborhood a few months ago. The little kitten followed us home and weve been raising her ever since. Dashie was so scared from the flood and hurricane that she literally was clinging to me as I held her in my arms. If you would like to see the video of me and Hannah first finding and adopting Dashie you can watch it here; This is a family channel and it’s all about our life. Raising my kids and my pets the best I can out here on the bayou in Louisiana. TIP US HERE; we lost everything in the flood in Louisiana. Help us raise money to rebuild share the link please


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