Cat Rescue In Building in Brazil – Is Success In Internet – News VHD

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Video shows cat rescue in Vila Isabel , North Zone of Rio
Images show feline jumping between air conditioners .
Quarter of Vila Isabel was triggered twice in the same day.

The dramatic rescue of a cat caught the attention of the residents of Vila Isabel , in the North Zone of Rio , on Tuesday (1st ) . The video shows the cat , who fled from the apartment where he lives in Abaete Street, walking down the facade of the building, jumping between air conditioners and being rescued , apparently on a canvas after being shocked and jump from one of them. According to residents , the cat survived .

According to the Fire Department , the Headquarters of Vila Isabel was triggered twice in the same day to the rescue of two cats . The first drive was at 9am and the second by midnight back. The owner of the animals was not in the apartment .

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