Cat Toys for Kitten Training

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Cat Toys for Kitten Training
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?Automatic Cat Toy Timer?: This is an automatic cat toy that not only reduces your worry but also saves power.When best cat toys start spinning for 15 mins, it will automatically stop until owner or pets “re-activate” it.
?Spinning Cat Toy Feather?: What a motion cat toy! just open a switch, both “Toy” and “Feather” start rolling, this cat toy feather make your cats tease, hunt and chase for endless.
?Cat Feeder Toy?: When your kitten is tired of playing with cat feeder toys, you can Put some food into holes for cats reward. As the rotation moves and the cat pushes the food dispencer, food leaks from the bottom hole.
?Cat Teaser Toy?: Your kitten has long been attracted to play and can’t stop. When the switch is turned on, the cat teaser toy will perform irregular 360° degree self rotating, accompanied by interesting buzzing.
?Bonus?: In order to enjoy more fun, the toy comes with 1 feather accessories replacement, 2 AA batteries, 1 screwdriver and a catnip bell are free.Our cat toy is made of premium ABS which is 100% durable safe for your pets.

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