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20 Purrfect DIY Projects for Cat Owners
The world has gone cat crazy, and I have to admit, I freaking love it. I have been a cat person for as long as I can remember (don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but I prefer the stealthy arrogance of cats), so the internet cat boom has served me well. Since I’m obsessed with my adorable little purring machine, of course I don’t mind spending money on keeping her happy and healthy, but all the expenses do add up. So for all of you who, like me, enjoy getting their hands dirty and saving some money at the same time, enjoy this collection of awesome DIY cat projects.

Pretty Cat Tree
Cats love to perch themselves on higher ground and look down on the rest of us mere mortals, but those cat trees that you buy in pet stores can be really, really ugly. Solution? Make your own. Get your hands on a secondhand A-frame bookshelf and kit it out for your kitty.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Coletterie
Catnip Mouse
We all know how catnip makes cats go crazy (in a good way) so stuffing a handmade toy mouse with the stuff seems fairly obvious to me! You can use any scraps of spare fabric that you have laying around for this cost-effective project.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Craftster
Mini Cat Scratcher
If you don’t really have the space for a massive cat scratcher in your living room, try this smaller scratching board that can simply be hung from a door or wall. It’s nice and compact so it won’t be an eyesore, and the addition of the feathered wand gives your kitty endless playtime.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DesignSponge
Cat Rocket
If you do have the space and really want to spoil your cat, then blow him/her away with this ingenious cat rocket made from cardboard boxes. You will need a good amount of time to create this; it’s not something that you can just slap together in one evening, so set a weekend aside for construction.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Makezine
Cat Hammock
It seems that cats may love hammocks just as much as humans do, so here’s a great set of instruction to make a simple yet effective chill place for your furry friend. All you need in a piece of fabric, two plastic coat hangers and a shower curtain rod.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Instructables
Vintage Suitcase Bed
Who says a kitty can’t sleep in style? Not only is this project creative and super easy and quick to make, it’ll look amazing in your house when compared to the regular cheesy cat beds. (I realize that’s a small dog in the picture, but my cat deserves a chic bed, too!)
DIY Instructions and Project Credit – TheGoldJellyBean
T-Shirt Tent
If you’re not into crocheting, here’s a really simple alternative: a tiny tent made from an old t-shirt and a pair of wire hangers. It’s adorable, and should only take up about 15 minutes of your time.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Instructables
The Pretty Wand
If you want your cat toy to look a little more fabulous than what you’d get from a store, go ahead and make your own! It’s going to be laying around your house the whole time so you might as well make something that you like the look of. This felt wand also contains some catnip for some added enjoyment.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DesignLoveFest
Outdoor Enclosure
If your cat is a strictly indoor kind of pet, surely you still want him or her to be able to safely enjoy the outdoors, like an animal should. As long as you have a nice shaded area, you can build your own outdoor enclosure so that your cat can laze about in nature.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MaudeAndPhyllis and Imgur
Here’s another one of those educational toys that will keep your cat’s mind sharp during play. Kitty will have to maneuver his toy (that contains a treat inside) through the holes in order to get it out and munch on his reward.
DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Meeoow


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