Cat Toys Make Homemade Mouse Cat Toys Video

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Cat Toys Make Homemade Mouse Cat Toys,
Cat Toys Make Homemade Mouse Cat Toys Video,
How to Make a Mousie Cat Toy.
How to Make a Mousie Cat Toy
Hi! I’m Debbie Anderson for Keeping your cat entertained can sometimes feel like a tall order – so today I’m going to show you how to make a Mouse Cat Toy for kitty to play with.
Gather the Cat Toy Supplies
For this project you will need an old sock you no longer need or want, a pair of cutting scissors, a ruler, a small ball of yarn, an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper, a sewing needle, a spool of sewing thread, a permanent ink marker, and two buttons.

To get started – dig through the laundry bin and find an old stinky sock you no longer want that does NOT have holes in the tips of the toes of it.
Measure the Sock Toy Size
Next, depending on your sock size, use your ruler to measure approximately 4 to 6 inches down the length of the sock from the tip of the toes end of the sock and use your scissors to cut the sock in half. Discard of the sock end with the two hole openings and keep the toe end half of the sock.
Make the Toy Mouse Face
Next, using your needle and thread, carefully sew the two buttons to one side of the sock. Make sure each button is just about two inches away from the end of the sock’s toe-end.

To create a mouse nose, use your permanent ink marker to draw a small triangle and fill in the color for the triangle so that the drawings flat side of the triangle is centered between the two buttons and so that the pointy end of the triangle is facing the old toe-end section of the sock material.

On the other side of the buttons, facing the opening in your sock half – create the ears of the mouse by drawing two triangles that are located just to the other side of each button. Be sure to draw the triangles so that the end of the triangle facing the opening side of the sock end is the pointy end of the triangle and the flat side of each triangle is somewhat parallel with the buttons on the sock.

To create a mouth for your mouse, use your marker to draw a small smiley mouth just at the very tip of the toe-end of the sock.
Sew Mouse Toy Whiskers
Next, use your scissors to cut 6 small pieces of yarn that are approximately 2 inches in length each.

To create whiskers for the mouse, lay each piece of yarn on the sides of the nose triangle drawing on the sock so that you have three pieces of yarn on each side of the nose drawing.

To secure the whiskers to your mouse, us a needle and thread to push the needle through the tip of each piece of yarns end that is closest to the mouse’s nose and secure the yarn to the sock material by making numerous loops around and through each tip of the yarn and then back through the sock material again. Repeat this process all six whiskers.
Fill the Cat Toy
Next, divide your piece of paper into four equal sections by folding the paper in half, then rotate the paper, and fold it in half again. Next, unfold the paper so that you now have bend marks that divide the paper into four equal sections. Using your scissors, cut along the fold lines in the paper to create four equal size pieces of paper.

Crumple each piece of paper in your hands so that each piece of paper is now a tightly wadded ball. Place all four balls of paper inside the open section of the sock half.
Assemble the Mousie Cat Toy
Finally, cut a 6-inch piece of yarn. Twist the open end of the sock half together to close the opening .

Tie the 6-inch piece of yarn around the sock material, and tighten it by tying the yarn into a tight knot around the sock material. Allow the rest of the yarn to dangle off the end of the sock material to create the tail of your mouse cat toy.
Introduce the Toy to Cats
Holding the toy just a few feet off the ground to get your cats attention, shake the toy around a bit to get kitty excited about the toy. Once your cat has found the toy intriguing, allow your kitty to play with the toy on the floor at will.

To prevent your animal from becoming inactive due to becoming uninterested or bored with their toys, be sure to switch out new toys for your animal to play with ever few days.
How to Store Cat Toys
Finally, always store any unused toys in a sanitary and safe location so that you know where to find them when switching out toys again later.


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