Cat Training: No More Door Dashing

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This is a “How to” video for training a cat to stay at the door and not bolt out when the door is open. Cats can be trained to do the same type of behaviors as dogs. My cat Sabrina is 11 years old and I only started clicker training with her about 3 years ago. I don’t work with her as often as I should. Cats are very smart, they can learn and they enjoy learning. The key is to find something that is motivating to your cat. If you are using food, then make sure you do not leave out your cats food. This is called “Free Feeding” and is not an effective way to feed your cat if you are trying to train her using clicker training. Make sure you train your cat when she is hungry. I like to train my cat when it is her dinner time. Use high value treats when training your cat. I use Fancy Feast as that is Sabrina’s favorite cat food, but it is not a healthy cat food, so she only gets this food during training.

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