Cat Training tape – Prevent Scratching, furniture protector.

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Does your cat scratch your furniture? curtains? Upholstery? This toxic free double sided tape is what you need! Cats will try and scratch it once and never again as they do not like the sensation. Apply the tape for a short while and your cat will never scratch that area again! For more go to

?NO MORE SCRATCH DAMAGE – The last thing your home decor needs is an ambience full of claw marks and shredded upholstery! Our double side tape protects your home & furniture from claw & scratch marks.

?INVISIBLE & UNDETECTABLE – This premium scratch deterrent from Teegan Tapes applies clear and adheres invisibly to any surface – never compromising the aesthetic of your home and living space. We’ve included a handy digital guide on how to best use this tape.

?SAFE FOR PETS & FURNITURE – Our professional grade tape is 100% non-toxic and safe for our furry friends. Adhesive sticks strongly but gently to suede, leather, and stained wood for clean removal.


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