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This may seem like a silly video of Summer touching random stuff set in front of her. But it’s actually good training for when she poses with products. The more things she can do during photo and video shoots, the more gigs she can get! And it all started with training her to ring a bell.

You can get a set of those cute kitty measuring cups on Amazon:

If you have cats, I highly recommend battery operated flameless candles. The flickering Luminara candles are especially lifelike, as you might have noticed in the video! But they’re harmless and cool to the touch. They are also available on Amazon – you ca see a selection of them here:

All links to Amazon are affiliate links, and we will get a small commission if you click on them and make a purchase.

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Summer is a 6-year-old Somali cat who loves wearing outfits, meeting new people and going outside on her leash. She also works as a therapy cat, visiting patients at hospitals and other facilities (at least when we are not under Covid quarantine). Please Like her video and Subscribe to her channel to enjoy more of her unique cat lifestyle!

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