Cat Training – Walk on Leash, Clicker Training, Touch Hand with Treats – Video Compilation

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Hi Friends, Video Compilation on Cat Training. Train Your Cat to walk on Leash, Clicker Training, teach cat to touch hand with Treats. Hope You enjoy watching. Cheers !
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Video 1 Train Cat to walk on A Leash
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Cat is encouraged and there is a positive spirit in inviting cat to walk on leash. I suppose encouraging is important to any pet psychological and emotionally.

Video 2 Credits:

1) Train Your Cat With Clicker

Video Source: Maryland Dog Trainer-Dog Training Camp-Puppy Boot Camp Channel URL:

Link for Video :

2) Videos for Cat Clicker Training and Teaching Cat Some Tricks

Video Source: Hercules & Antares The Ragdolls – Cat Clicker Training

Besides Clicker Training for standing up straight, siting, move left and come back to original position. etc , Cat is also trained in other tricks too. Like walking on a mini “Plank”, touching hand with treats etc..

Links for Videos :

Hope this cat Clicker Training Helps You and Your Cat. Most Important enjoy the training together with them.

Video 3 Credits: Train Cat to Touch Hand with Treats


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