Cat Trick Tutorial: Teach Your Cat To Do Leg Weaves

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Leg weaves are a fun and easy behaviour to teach, which makes it purrfect for beginners. All cats can benefit from the enrichment and activity that training provides. I recommend you start training this behaviour with a target stick. All the training tools you need are available on our website:

Have fun training!

– Julie and Jones

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I’m Julie Posluns, also known as Julie, the Cat Teacher. My mission is to help people enrich their cat’s life with clicker training. I am an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist (ACAAB), and I have been training animals for over a decade. I love to break complex behaviours into tiny achievable steps and show people how fun and rewarding it is to train their cat. My assistant in the videos is a black cat named Jones, who has a full scholarship to Cat School.


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