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some clarification

1. why you didn’t let the rat leave to outside?
ans- i tried it before, but the rat was so strong and fast, so couldn’t catch him, but my cat tom caught in one sec.

2. why you allowed your cat to finish that rat?
ans- that rat ran over through my face while i was sleeping, i remember i didn’t sleep well for few days because of this fear,that was one horrible moment in my life, and tom was so angry at that time, that he didn’t let me touch his hunt, he can punch me like rat lol.

3. why your house is so dirty?
ans- as i mention in video , this is my old home, i shifted to new home, but i come in every 1-2 days with my cats for security purpose.

4. clean you home so rat will not come.
ans- there is several servant quarters behind my home , they live filthy live, their homes are dirty every time, so the rats comes from there, we caught some of them before but they didn’t stop coming, we are tired from these rats, but thanks to our cats, they stop coming, i think rats knows cats smell.

5. what is the name of your cats?
ans- Camera cat is TOM, and the one who was watching is MILO, both are 11 month old brothers.comes from Bengal cat family.

6. why you don’t feed your cats?why they have to hunt a rat?
ans- i give them full bowl of chicken everyday, they were full at that night.
but cats are hunters, even lions and tigers came from cat family, so the hunting skills is in their genes,it’s their instinct. even if you search on youtube of cats behaviors you will find out that this is nature cycle,you can can find out more on animal planet, nat geo wild and other channels.

7. why you don’t use trap and catch them and throw outside the window?
ans- i did it before but they came back to my house , i don’t know how they know the route to my house i left them at least 100 m away .

8. why you shoot this video , don’t you have heart?
ans- as i mention there are servant quarters behind my home , their homes are very dirty so rats comes from there,tom and milo caught several mouse, and they did the same thing as shown in video, i can’t do anything as cats have hunting skills from genes, even for a moment i thought about to release the mouse but tom was so angry and then i thought rat would have several babies because they never stop breeding, so i thought to film it and share it with world , how cat hunts.

9. your cat finish it in 14 mins.
ans- the actual footage is 1 hr 26 mins , nobody will watch that so i short it down to 14 mins, i was tired while shooting it, i was like tom just finish it man,but tom was full in energy.

10. rats are pest , don’t let your cat eat this.
ans- tom ate just small portion then he left the rat then Milo came after he was not so interested so he also left the rat after eating small portion.then i throw it very far from my home.

11. you bathroom is so dirty now clean it.
ans- i did , and my bathroom is clean af now.

12. why tom didn’t finish it quickly, why he was hitting all the time?
ans- even i don’t know. i also wanted to stop hitting and finish it quickly, maybe he was tiring rat because was big and powerful.

13. why rat not just ran away?
ans- he tried several time but both cat caught it in 2 secs, as i mention the original footage is 1 hr 26 mins..

14. who was growling in the background?
ans- TOM the camera cat was growling, he was doing it from inside without even opening his mouth, for a moment i was wondering where is this sound coming from?

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 guys this is just nature documented.but this is how nature works,you do realize it’s a cats nature to kill small mammals, insects etc.. no amount of “healthy cat food” will stop that,Cats have have been known to torment and hit at rats and mice before they are killed. Why? Probably to weaken it. Rats are pretty strong especially when they bite. This cat is only doing what it knows to do, nothing wrong with it,cats have different ways of getting their prey, and rats are all around the whole world and if one dies, there’s still a mom giving birth to others. And they’re pests, even rats eats small mammals , even i saw on nat geo wild, a rat was hunting and eating a Scorpio just search on youtube,(Psycho Shrew vs. Scorpion)

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