The official YouTube channel for Manorama News. Subscribe us to watch the missed episodes. Subscribe to the #ManoramaNews YouTube Channel Get ManoramaNews Latest news updates Visit our website: Follow ManoramaNews in [More] Our new mother cat giving birth for the first time to sweet cute baby kittens.
As we welcome a new year here at Big Cat Rescue, we would like to reflect back on 2019 at many of the great times we had last year. All of this was made possible [More]
As you know we give our big cats a variety of herbs and spices in their enrichment items. We tried them with fresh oregano, and you have to see their reactions! You can help feed [More]
In June, The Humane Society of the United States assisted in the rescue of 700 cats from a hoarding situation in Alachua County. This weekend, after overseeing the cats’ care for nearly three months, we [More]
Hutch the serval is a very chatty guy, especially when it is breakfast time! You can help feed the cats at no cost to you using Amazon Smile! Visit BIG CAT TV is a [More]
Some rescues require multiple trips, and here we got the baby on day one, and the mama on day two – so watch until the end 🙂 Rescues like this happen only thanks to your [More]
Sometimes if a friendly street cat is very shy, you may need to trap them to help. Follow Duke’s journey to VIP life! Music in order of appearance, please support the artists! Flughand – Mornin: [More]
GTA 5 Mods video featuring the GTA 5 Firefighter Mod! Today I am playing GTA 5 as a firefighter with the Blaine County Fire Department. We are checking out the newly upgraded Sandy Shores Fire [More]
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In today’s video we move Amanda tiger to the hospital so that her ingrown dewclaw can be removed. SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:
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Looking to adopt a cat or kitten? Caitlin Lewis from the Humane Society of Greater Dayton discusses everything you need to think about and do before, during, and after a cat adoption to ensure your [More]
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We are not fans of places that force wild animals of different species to live together to amuse the public, but in Cameron and Zabu’s case, they arrived here as adults who had been raised [More]
This private room at Kitten Rescue Sanctuary in Los Angeles is the perfect place to watch tiny kittens eat, play, learn and grow. Watch live and learn more about these kittens on @ [More]
Servals are unfortunately very popular exotic “pets”, Big Cat Rescue recently became home to 6 new servals! All of them had been privately owned for over ten years, but for various reasons their owners were [More]
This nine month old Calico loves to explore and she gets her self into trouble. Visit my shop Trading Post in Crystal Lake IL. My ebay: Music from: Epidemic Sound My email: If [More]
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From tiny kittens introduced to each other after being abandoned, to two grown up bobcats ready to face life in the wild. Ash and Cinder were released and given their second chance to be free [More]
The Winters were rescued from a Philly shelter on November 15, 2019, having been found alone in a parking lot the day before. DOB: November 6, 2019 (approx.) NAMES: Yam – Swirly ginger boy Pie [More]
Charli was rescued by a postal service employee and delivered to our door! Then a few days later, we found and rescued her brother Wallace. Follow their journey to VIP life! Flatbush Cats is a [More]
Rescues pitiful newborn kittens thrown in a black plastic bag | Rescue newborn cat Hi ! Surprise after surprises when I was taking care of a newborn kitten, I rescued yet another pitiful newborn kitten, [More]
Just chilling with some lions and tigers. Instagram: devinsaari Snapchat: jupiterhead November 26, 2017
Rescue Abandoned Injure Old Cat Near The Street | Unwanted Poor Sad Cat Hello My Beloved Subscribers, We found this Abandoned Injure Old Cat Near The Street. We brought him to the veterinary and treated [More]
Join our big cats as they enjoy their Thanksgiving enrichment. We at Big Cat Rescue have so much to be thankful for, and it is all becuase of the great support we get from YOU!! [More]
We found Kirby on the street looking for help. Thankfully she trusted us enough to treat her leg! She’s enjoying VIP life now! Flatbush Cats is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you can learn more and [More]
We’re not sure how he got up there but our employees are on the scene in Northern SK, trying to help any way they can.
On today’s #CullenandKatie vlog Katie starts us off with a little old school vlogging! The kids find a huge grasshopper and put in it a jar. That quickly turns into a science lesson and no [More]
We made the trip to Tampa, FL to tour Big Cat Rescue. Big Cat Rescue provides a home for big cats that are unable to be cared for elsewhere through rescues from breeders, the circus, [More]
ID: 3324213 MANDATORY ONSCREEN CREDIT – DLore Álvarez A security camera captured the moment an adopted household Cat saved a one-year-old baby from falling down a steep flight of stairs. Gatubela, the Siamese Cat isn’t [More]
These 3 cougar siblings are getting a snack at Big Cat Rescue! For more on big cat rescue visit: Love Animals? Subscribe: Follow The Dodo: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on [More]
Subscribe: This kitten was living in freezing temperatures for over a week, luckily our persistence paid off and we managed to trap HER… Now it’s time to trap momma cat and get her spayed [More]
Rescue A Cute Tiny Paralyzed Kitten | Cat Rescue Story Credit and support: 1/ A home for Dali If there are any copyright issues with any videos posted here we will remove them. please [More]
Several cats were reported to be seen at the bottom of the Los Angeles River channel. With deep water catch basins at either end of this section and 20ft vertical concrete walls, these cats would [More]
We found Winston on the street looking for help. Just a few months later he was enjoying indoor VIP life with his own new family! Flatbush Cats is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you can learn [More]
If you find a feral mom and babies outside, it’s important to try to keep them together so that the babies have the best chance of survival, and so that the mom can be TNRed! [More]
Many viewers see our videos with the big cats interacting with melons and pumpkins and ask, “Are we trying to make the big cats vegan?!” Find out what the fruits and veggies are all about. [More]
Although cats are considered to be the favourite pets of many people, they are often found injured or abandoned by humans. the stray cat problem in the kitchener waterloo area is very bad with a [More]
After being stuck in a tree, about 90 feet up, for over 6 days…we got the call to rescue this unknown kitty. Unfortunately, this kitty did not want anything to do with us and ultimately [More]
Rescue the cat stuck in the mud pit Hello friends. I want to tell my story. Today I happened to go fishing. I saved a kitten trapped under the mud pit. I saw the cat [More]
The Cat Rescue Story Is No Different From Hurricane Dorian That Rocked The Bahamas #htanimals Credit animal_rescue_shelter …………………………………………………………………………………… # Rescue Poor Kitten, date on the kitten’s health care day, rescue story that melts your [More]
Meet Tom Tom from our latest rescue in California. She was the first to get settled in comfortably at the sanctuary. Due to her rough appearance, we sedated her for an exam to help her [More]
Our foster gourmand kitty, Watson, enjoying her first major unassisted meal. Eyewear protection was not needed during filming.
Police and Queensland Fire & Emergency Services went above and beyond to save the lives of two cats from a unit fire at Morningside this morning. Thanks to some quick thinking and impromptu veterinary assistance [More]
Big Cat Easter Egg Hunt! Watch tigers, lions, leopards hunting and attackng their Easter Eggs! Big Cat Rescue can continue to provide fun enrichment for our residents thanks to YOU and your support! 🙂 You [More]
Take a glimpse into the eyes of captive big cats and the horrors they face in human hands. WARNING: this poem may tug on your heart strings! You can help feed the cats at no [More]
A team of Big Cat Rescuers flew out to California to pick up 4 new wild cats from a shut down sanctuary. Watch the long journey back to Tampa, Florida where they were let out [More]
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I don’t know for how many hours Barb was caught by the razor barbed wire, but it must have been a nightmare for her. While hanging upside down, she struggled and as a result, she [More]
We found Cardi, Chai, Cinnamon and Nutmeg on the streets of Brooklyn – right in the middle of kitten season, when female cats go into heat and thousands of kittens are born and suffer outside. [More]
I built two speed breaker ramp for stray cats – Cat rescue Hello there. The cars on the street were crushing cats because they went fast. So I built two speed breaker ramps for them. [More]
Hi everybody. A lucky cat who fell into a well was saved by a little girl in time! The cat belongs to the family and unfortunately when he fell into the water! She discovered in [More]
Find out the truth about circus tigers, and how Hoover made his way to Big Cat Rescue. You can help feed the cats at no cost to you using Amazon Smile! Visit BIG CAT [More]
Who wouldn’t be reluctant to believe a woman’s definition of success is to close down her own business? In Maple Ridge, BC., Magdalena Romanow, a woman with a heart of gold, has co-founded a place [More]
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Donate Now: Just by watching this video you are donating to this non-profit, thanks to our advertisers. So why not support the fight and send it to a few friends! Charity Name: Big Cat [More]
Rescue Tiny Bottle Kitten Transform to Such Sweet Cat | Cat rescue stories | Foster baby kitten | Bottle Feeding Cat Subscribe: Source and support: 1/ Kitten Foster ~ Wendy ? Instagram: Featuring [More]
Rescue The Cat Mum Born 5 Super Cute Baby Kittens With Amazing Transformation Subscribe: Source and support: 1/ Amber Foster carer for Cheltenham Cat Rescue caring for the abandoned and orphaned. Currently fostering – [More]
Rescue The Homeless Abandoned Cat, The Story Melts Your Heart #htanimals
Ok so Elise is in tears and there is a dead kitten – this video is not recommended for children or the faint of heart
This is follow up Video of the rescued Street Cat Alex after 3 months. Take a look by your self if his life has improved and let me know in the comments below what do [More]
The flood trapped my cat Blanca under our house. We heard her crying for help. After several minutes of trying to get to her from outside, we realized the water was rising fast. My husband [More]
This sweet orange kitten was rescued from a sappy tree in Tacoma, WA on 10/20/15.
Dog Rescue Stories | Starving Dog With Bone And Skin – Miracle Transformation After Was Rescued By Rosalba Alvernia Support @rosalbaalvernia by Paypal at
Check out all of the summer fun the big cats are having with these summer themed enrichment items! You can help feed the cats at no cost to you using Amazon Smile! Visit BIG [More]
Please help ARES find a loving forever home by liking and sharing his video. Also, if you love puppies, you will LOVE the video we posted here: If you would like to adopt Area, [More]
This video shows cats being rescued by random heroes from around the world Faith in humanity restored! This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video email or call: +44 (0) [More]
Follow us on Instagram for daily updates: We found Charlie meowing for help on the streets of Brooklyn. Follow along as she gets a second chance at VIP life and finds her own loving [More]
Be a part of the veterinary procedure with our white tiger, Sapphire, in this 180 3D virtual reality experience. Meet the doctors and watch them in action! You can help feed the cats at no [More]
Meet the spice girls of Big Cat Rescue, Jasmine, Sapphire, and Dutchess. These girls sure love their spices!! You can help feed the cats at no cost to you using Amazon Smile! Visit Music [More]
Rescue the kitten that falls into the deep well | Rescue and feed Hello friends . I want to tell my story. Today while I’m in the house watching my cammera. Soon I caught my [More]
Follow us on At 8h30 pm last night Mississauga fire crews responded to the call of a house fire at the corner of Glasshill Grove amd Angel Pass Dr. Upon arrival they observed light [More]
More of John’s Favorite Moments: | While shooting in Seattle, John witnesses a real life cat rescue!
With a large geriatric population of cats at Big Cat Rescue, one of the most important aspects of a day, is ensuring the cats who need them, get their medication. Watch in 3D and listen, [More]
Day or night, Dutchess loves to play with her big red ball. Catch all of the action in this video, and watch her LIVE by visiting! You can help feed the cats at no [More]
Rescue the cat that fell into a giant super large water tank hello, at an extremely large pool that has been abandoned for a long time, I heard the sound of a cat crying, I [More]
Join Keeper Brittany as she feeds Center Route at Big Cat Rescue. Watch servals, bobcats, lynx and a cougar enjoy breakfast and see what it feels like to feed the Big Cats as a volunteer! [More]
A bag designed to assist in the rescue of a cat that is stuck in a tree and can’t get down. The gloves offer superior grip for holding the cat while offering some protection. Available [More]
For more info and daily updates, follow us on Instagram: Learn more about TNR + support our cause: Music by d3tails: all footage © Flatbush Cats, Inc.
I’m SO glad we were able to help this guy, get him off the streets and make him feel much, much better! Here’s a rundown of everything that the vets did… Firstly his claws were [More]
In today’s video I’m doing meds at Big Cat Rescue! SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM:
Meet Dutchess, a 11 year old female tiger. Dutchess, two other tigers, and a black leopard have been living at the sanctuary for the past four years under our Witness Protection Program. Now that we [More]
If there is nothing going on, you can rewind the stream up to 12 hours to see action. Is there something we should know about? Do you have a question for us? Email us at [More]
Don’t forget to subscribe! Julius appeared outside looking for food, but wouldn’t come near me for days. I had a feeling he wasn’t feral – hopefully he was just a shy stray cat who needed [More]
Meet Sapphire, a 9 year old female white tiger. Sapphire, two other tigers, and a black leopard have been living at the sanctuary for the past four years under our Witness Protection Program. Now that [More]
Apollo the Siberian Lynx came to Big Cat Rescue in 1997, after he was rescued from a fur farm in Canada. He turns 22 this year but has enjoyed retiring at the sanctuary, spending his [More]
In June 2010, American Humane’s Red Star Animal Emergency Services™ team helped rescue and care for 387 cats who were evacuated from an overcrowded and unsanitary animal shelter in St. Marys, Pa. The cats suffered [More]
Sabre the Black Leopard celebrates his 22nd birthday! Big Cat Rescue volunteers made him his very own birthday MEAT cake, complete with 22 chicken neck “candles” and Sabre definitely enjoyed his birthday treat! 🙂 Sign [More]
The sad truth about this story is that JoAnn Wiltz also found two additional kittens who were already dead. We didn’t want to get blocked or have the video have an age restriction, but it’s [More]
Meet Illithia, Big Cat Rescue’s newest serval resident. She was kept as a pet, but commonly these situations do not work out long term. Check out her story. You can help feed the cats at [More]
Armani is a female leopard who arrived at Big Cat Rescue as a young cub in the early days of the sanctuary, in the 90’s before the philosophy of the sanctuary evolved to make us [More]
See daily updates with photos and videos at Q&A at Big Cat Rescue- Follow along as Keeper Brittany shows you many of the Tigers, Lion, Leopards, Jaguar, Cougars, Lynx, Servals, Bobcats, Savannah Cats [More]
Can you believe this little kitten was trapped in a wall? Coming to the rescue..! Subscribe: Get social with Kritter Klub On Instagram: On Twitter: More videos about ‘Baby Animals’: Kritter [More]
Meet Jasmine, a female tiger whose age in unknown. Jasmine, two other tigers, and a black leopard have been living at the sanctuary for the past four years under our Witness Protection Program. Now that [More]
Meet Jinx, a 20 year old male black leopard. Him and three tigers have been living at the sanctuary for the past four years under our Witness Protection Program. Now that we are able to [More]