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Visiting Big Cat Rescue is NOT like visiting a zoo. Our tours are all guided and we do not allow people to annoy or harass the cats. To visit go to:
Check out our main YouTube channel at and our website at Partner with Broadband TV the Second Largest Multi-Channel Network in the World
This was our first owl rescue after rescuing thousands of cats.
Love Cats – Subscribe – Facebook – Twitter TJ passed away on June 20th, 2017. He was a beautiful Siberian/ Bengal hybrid. For more info on TJ visit Big Cat Rescue’s [More]
Desiree serval was rescued in 2009 after being found dehydrated in the Arizona desert. We were told she was a 3-legged female serval, but we have had our suspicions that she may actually be a [More]
As the summer months get hot and humid here in Florida, what better way to cool of than with an ice cold treat of a bloodsicle. Learn how they are made, and watch our big [More]
Welcome to our Live kitty stream!! We also stream Live on and we have 5 More live cameras at You may meet all the kitties on our website !!!PLEASE BE AWARE! THE [More]
Babycakes the African Genet was an adult when he was found wandering around a neighborhood in Largo, FL in 2000 and turned over to a shelter. They called us because he wouldn’t eat dog or [More]
The four tigers rescued last winter from Colorado, Priya, Gabrielle, Andy, and Seth, are experiencing their first hot summer in Florida. Watch as they get a refreshing shower from the hose. Music by BIG [More]
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WARNING: Graphic images! When I was asked to do a presentation about how Big Cat Rescue got started and how we used entrepreneurial tactics to build and grow, I created a Power Point presentation. We’ve [More]
While filming our big cats and staff, things do not always quite go our way. Enjoy watching our VERY FUNNY outtakes and bloopers. BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the [More]
Iron stayed with us for three months. On April 26, 2017, he passed away peacefully in his sleep, in front of the window where he used to sit and sunbathe: Iron was rescued just [More]
Big Cat Rescue is grateful to Lola Gilla, Victoria Hanke, and Rali Karova for applying their outstanding talents to the cause of ending big cat abuse. The final product is both beautiful and haunting. Enjoy. [More]
2013 was a GRRR-EAT success at Big Cat Rescue! Take a look at what we accomplished FOR the animals thanks to our supporters and volunteers, we know 2014 will be bigger and better thanks to [More]
G4K Cute Hipster Cat Rescue Walkthrough (Games4King).
Explore Website – Facebook – Twitter Watch The Vacation Rotation – Big Cat Rescue Cam LIVE Big Cat Rescue sends their cats on vacation! This area is a 2.5 acre enclosure called [More]
Tigers, Lions, Leopards, all cat species can catch fleas, so at Big Cat Rescue we have to treat all of our 100+ residents with flea prevention just like your domestic cat at home every single [More]
Our male lion Joseph hates our veterinarian Dr. Boorstein because of past procedures. Watch as we try to sneak up on Joseph to give him his vaccinations. BIG CAT TV is a close look into [More]
Help us win $50,000 by voting ONE TIME at We need 700 more votes for our volunteer, Dorothy Christman, in order for our tournament (Valspar) to beat the leading tournament (Honda). US & Canada [More]
A Latvian rescue team managed to set free a kitten that got stuck in a sink in the coastal town of Saulkrasti, Friday. The men first tried to rescue the little cat by soaping up [More]
Meet our newest rescues of a serval named Zucari and 2 caracals named Cyrus and Chaos. Check out their story as we welcome them to Big Cat Rescue!! Music by BIG CAT TV is [More]
Best Animal Videos include: Guy Climbs 110-Foot Tree To Save Stranded Cat; Raccoon Grows Up With Dogs As Her Brothers; Goat Can’t Get Enough Of Her New Slide; Rescued Elephant Keeps Breaking Sprinkler; Dog Who [More]
You may have seen our male lions Cameron and Joseph doing their territorial roar, but have you seen big Nikita lioness roaring? BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation [More]
Come meet the blind, FIV & FELV+ kitties that live at Blind Cat Rescue. We are a life time care sanctuary located in St Pauls NC Please visit our website for more info.
Andy, The tiger, is getting a full check up today at Big Cat Rescue, to make sure he’s strong and healthy! Learn more about the work Big Cat Rescue does here: Love Animals? Subscribe: [More]
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Explore Website – Facebook – Twitter Watch The Kitten Cabana – Big Cat Rescue Cam LIVE Big Cat Rescue fosters domestic kittens from birth up to two pounds. These kittens have been [More]
Do you wonder how Hoover the tiger is doing since his numerous operations to fix his man parts? Watch and find out! BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation [More]
Have you ever wondered or questioned our enclosure sizes and how they fit our big cat’s needs? This video will answer all your concerns. BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, [More]
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I go on a quest to save a kitten as well as explore the lands outside Swindon to see what it has to offer! Hit the LIKE button if you enjoyed! 😀 Amazing Frog Funny [More]
We found this kitten abandoned by its mother on the street in Cebu, Philppines. It was trying to crawl onto the road on a crowded foot path. For those that aren’t aware cats aren’t considered [More]
This is the tale of Captain the cat and a journey from neglect and abuse to a life of love. This is my first cat rescue story and it was a pleasure to work on. [More]
The owner of Street Cat Rescue faced a judge Tuesday, charged with neglecting the cats.
Dozens of strangers came together in Dublin to rescue a brave cat stranded in the river. Once safe, the crowd went wild with applause.
Raw video: Worker at London’s Royal Docks Management Authority plucks Felix the office cat from River Thames
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1. Dec 28, 2016 – A cat who’d been neglected by her owner with Alzheimer’s disease was found with fur matted so badly it had become dreadlocks. 2. Apr 16, 2015 – A selfless passerby [More]
Stephan Beynun (my husband), was working at a new home construction site when another contractor overheard a cat crying from inside of an enclosed pillar. There was no way for it to escape, so the [More]
Learn more about the rescue work we do at
Your $5 donation will help us save more dogs and cats: To adopt the mama or the kittens, please contact:
A huge shout out to the animal loving folks at UNILAD. When their first version of this video had more than 17 million views, we asked them to create a version for us that would [More]
An east China woman’s call to the fire department to help rescue her cat trapped in a basement has amused and infuriated Chinese netizens in equal measure. Firefighters arriving on the scene pulled the cat [More]
Sabre Leopard enjoys a Sardini Martini thanks to keeper Sharon and Kali Tiger has a dip in her pool. Please be sure to take action for these magnificent cats at Check out our main [More]
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AVM Games – Cat Rescue Walkthrough 2017 Have fun! by Ninja Escape – cRzY ESCAPE games solutions
Avm Cat Rescue Escape
Cat Rescue Game is the latest point and click escape game created by aVm Assume that your cute cat is missing. So you started searching your missing cat. Shockingly you heard your cat sound [More]
Oreo lives at St. Augustine Health Ministries in Cleveland, OH.
We highlight the tiger Zeus from the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Check it out. BIG CAT WEBSITE: TWD COMMUNITY FACEBOOK PAGE TWD COMMUNITY FACEBOOK GROUP Thank you for watching The [More]
Another Chit Chat GRWM where I am doing pretty soft pink toned eyes. In this video we chat about my chronic pain, why i am so fat now, my cats rescue story and more all [More]
Peppa pig episode cat rescue with her fire engine from the fire station peppa pig saves the cat from the tree. The cat and kittens are from a playmobil playset Some other things you can [More]
zMickz Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Cat rescue drowning full episodes! Animation Movies For Kids Thank you for watching and if you love this movies ! ? Please LIKE ? COMMENT ? SUBSCRIBE to My [More]
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Watch as we celebrate Valentine’s Day with our big cats. See the tigers enjoy the purr-fect Valentine’s enrichment! Happy Valentine’s Day! BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation efforts [More]
In Russia the cat who froze in ice at -35 was rescued. Cat,ice,-35,froze,cold. WATCH Cat Rescued After Getting Its Paws FROZEN In An Icy Puddle In Russia. Help meow-t! Cat rescued after getting its paws [More]
Kater Dotty aus Bergheim (Rhein-Erft-Kreis) kletterte auf einen Baum und kam nicht mehr herunter. Die Feuerwehr wollte helfen, konnte aber leider nichts ausrichten. Als der Tiernotruf eintraf, wartete Dotty bereits seit 48 Stunden auf einer [More]
Source: Lovemeow When this ginger cat met his forever human, he was so happy that he couldn’t stop hugging and licking her face. Meet Honeycake the cat!
Meet our newest rehab bobcat kitten named Nova. Find out where she came from and check out her first doctor visit. BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation efforts [More]
Poor cat saved from a cement grave. small animals are used by Warren Jeffs followers to send death threats to Isacc Wyler on a regular basis, this cat was sa. SADDEST VIDEO EVER MADE (So [More]
Breakfast was just served at Big Cat Rescue. Walkabout includes a visit with Zabu, Keisha, Kali, Priya, Andy and Hoover Tiger before going over to sit with Nakitia Lioness. For fun we ask everyone to [More]
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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Fire Truck Cat Rescue All Outfits – Disney Junior Game For Kids Play Game: Help Mickey & Minnie on there fire truck rescue to help a cat stuck in a tree. [More]
Take a walk along the Miami Beach boardwalk and chances are you’ll spot one or two, maybe even three or more stray cats. In an effort to address the stray and feral cat population on [More]
Feeling sick and miserable, in bed all day. I HAD TWO OPTIONS: 1. PASS (not an option really..) 2. CRAWL OUT OF BED LIKE A WORM AND GIVE YOU A “BEST OF…” OUR FOUR MOST [More]
When Philipp and Alexandra got married they said no thank you to presents. Instead of presents they wanted their guests to donate some spare money to us here at Dog and Cat Rescue Samui. They [More]
Story of kittens dumped in a box , watch till the end 🙂 Find Allerton Cat Rescue on Facebook
VALENTINE’S DAY @ BIG CAT RESCUE xoxo The love is in the air at Big Cat Rescue. Lions, Tigers, Leopards and more are enjoying the company of loving feline companions and special Valentine’s Day enrichment [More]
Evening Meds at Big Cat Rescue w/ Angie 0170121 Check out our main YouTube channel at and our website at or shop at Partner with Broadband TV the Second Largest Multi-Channel Network [More] Funny Russian Cat Rescue Fail Epic Fail Video
LINKS: My online store: (buying anything from there helps support and rescue animals) Send your letters or fan-art here: Estefany Jasso Apartado Postal 251 Tampico, Tamps. Mexico 89001 please LIKE my page: my [More]
When a neighbor’s dog attacked 4 year old Jeremy, the family cat, Tara, took action. She jumped on the dog, defending Jeremy from further injuries. Luckily Jeremy is alright. Jeremy’s mother quickly came over to [More]
Check out our main YouTube channel at and our website at or shop at Partner with Broadband TV the Second Largest Multi-Channel Network in the World
Check out our main YouTube channel at and our website at or shop at Partner with Broadband TV the Second Largest Multi-Channel Network in the World
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Check in on our latest rescue of five tigers to see how they have settled into their forever home here at the sanctuary. BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the [More]
Courtesy: Sergey Baranov watch the full video: read more
The holidays are here! We celebrated by giving the big cats trees and gifts to enjoy the holiday season. Check out all of the fun! BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day [More]
The shooter of the video was house-sitting for her friend.The dog a poodle named Semyon got into the storage unit in the back yard – he was really stuck! The cat Fedya goes inside and [More]
Tom and Shaun rely on word of mouth to let people know what they do, so events like these are imperative to the success of their work. | Subscribe to Animal Planet: Join [More]
Video courtesy of Tyler Roth of a cat that had been stuck up in a tree for more than 50 hours
Stubborn Fievel was originally at 60′ in this huge Douglas-fir canopy. As I got to within 10 feet of him, he immediately climbed to the top of the tree. I was barely able to rech [More]
In celebration of Thanksgiving, the big cats and little cats enjoyed their turkeys and Cornish hens for their Thanksgiving breakfast. BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation efforts we [More]
Barbara DeDrew (Kate McKinnon) and Furonica (Kristen Wiig) show off the cats available for adoption during the Thanksgiving Catacopia giveaway. Get more SNL: Full Episodes:… Like SNL: Follow SNL: SNL Tumblr: [More]
she fell down from 3rd floor and left starve until we found her, she’s fine now!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Big Cat Rescue Volunteer Committee. Thanks for making a difference! We love you & couldn’t do it without you. Check out our main YouTube channel at and our website at [More]
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We took in 5 new tigers from a failed pseudo sanctuary called Serenity Springs. This makes a part of the biggest big cat rescue in the history of the United States. Please welcome Seth, Andy, [More]
Portaria, Volos, GREECE In November 2015, two children where hearing the cry of a cat, which had entered an underground drain pipe, for 4 days. Fortunately everything turned out o.k. For her, a neighbor intervened [More]
After enduring surgery on Nala’s leg and 8 weeks of cage rest, She is finally able to go back outside to a new enclosure. BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, [More]