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Grandma is working on her yearly prune jam canning project but the cats think canned-grandma sounds much better. Lucas’s plans to spend summer vacation at Grandma’s house eating candy and playing video games fall to [More]
Some more Dead By Daylight! A game that pits you and your friends against each other in a multiplayer horror game, one as the murderer hunting the other four survivors down! Enjoy! ;D This is [More]
For those suffering from depression, cats can be the greatest cure. Their ability to add value and meaning to your life that you feel is void of either can’t be underestimated. But whether you are [More]
From cats scaring bears away, to trapping dogs under blankets, these cats have a thug life attitude that you’ll find in this gansta cats video compilation. The Pet Collective is home to the top trending [More]
Cats are simply the best animals, and also the funniest! They can make anyone laugh! In this compilation you will see only the best and funniest moments of cats & kittens when they play, sleep [More]
Kittens being lazy, attacking laser pointers, and cats drinking out of a water cooler, are just some of the ways you’ll find cats spending their saturday in this caturday saturday cats video compilation. The Pet [More]
The majestic cow cat is here to save the day in Battle Cats! High School 101 • Thanks to Kwebbelkop for the thumbnail! • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• *Questions? Check my about section first!* Twitter: [More]
Ever wondered what tigers, lions and leopards get up to under the cover of darkness? … Well I visited Big Cat Rescue at night to find out! Learn more about Big Cat Rescue: *As [More]
Best big cats hunting video ever. In this video you will see lion hunting,tiger hunting,cheetah hunting, jaguar hunting,leopard hunting. All the African big cat hunting. Big lion attacks a buffalo, cheetah attacking an ostrich.
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The Muscle man & the Lady Cats is a super funny compilation of Cat& Keet episodes which shows the romantic side of Cat. Keet is too anxious about Cat’s romantic intentions, and tries his best [More]
From cats knocking items off tables, to cats stealing food and dog beds, when these cats have a problem, they show it in a very passive aggressive way. These are just a few of the [More]
AMAZING Squirrels For Cats and Dogs to Watch ‘ GET THAT SQUIRREL “
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Often times in our videos, our big cats look friendly and cute, but they are still wild animals. Many times our big cats like to prove that to us and show us who is boss!! [More]
Cats are born hunters. Even at four to six weeks kittens start stalking and pouncing on the contents of their food bowl. Later, the twitching tail of the kittens’ mother becomes a surrogate mouse. Hunting [More]
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Cat meowing like a goat, and kittens sounding like ewoks, are just some of the funny noises cats meow in this sh*t cats say video compilation. The Pet Collective is home to the top trending [More]
Over 6 Hours of relaxation music for your cat or kitten! This music will help to calm them and make them go to sleep, even after they have seemed stressed or anxious. Relax My Cat [More]
From cats pushing other cats downstairs, to knocking things off the table, here you’ll find the most savage of cats in this savage cats video compilation. The Pet Collective is home to the top trending [More]
Watching TV, stealing food, and napping are some of the ways kittens spend their Saturdays. The Pet Collective is home to the top trending clips, most entertaining memes, and funniest animal videos online. Simply put, [More]
Kitties, cats. Simply the funniest pets! Can’t stop watching these funny clips, what about you? Just look how they play, talk, sleep, fail, eat.. Their behavior is so hilarious 😀 Hope you like our compilation, [More]
Tips for Cats 🙂 ==================== Music by Tobu and Itro
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Living with cats sure is fun! … Cole and Marm were very pleased to see all of their purr-sessions again and so were we! We’d like to say a BIG thank you to U-Pack for [More]
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Sinvicta’s channel: The Culling on Steam: The Culling is a battle-royale survival deathmatch game from Xaviant Games. Come watch Sinvicta and I spawn in Hunger Games-style and try to take out all the [More]
Get Tickets to CATS In the first episode of Tyler Hanes’ new CATS vlog, we get to meet the cast and more.
Funny Cats Compilation April 2016 – Funny Cats 2016 – Funny Cat Videos Tags: Funny, cats, funny cats, funny cat video, cats compilation, funny cat videos, funny cats video, kitty, funny videos, funny kittens, kittens, [More]
Funny Cat Videos – Cat Vines Compilation
“I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into.” Try Rachael Ray Nutrish for Cats:
Strange cats are great cats, so we compiled this list of weird felines as a tribute to all those cats out there who are just being themselves. The Pet Collective is home to the top [More]
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Unusual cats you won’t believe exist! These amazing and unbelievable cats are some of the strangest and weirdest felines ever in the world
With freezing temperatures having already claimed the lives of two kittens, Jackson has to pull out all the stops to help a father and son deal with the feral cat population in their neighborhood. #MyCatFromHell [More]
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Tom Hiddleston chats to us about the release of I Saw The Light & much more
Some cats and dogs are really talented. They can sing or even play an instrument like piano! But most of them just produce funny and a little bit annoying sounds & noises. And some just [More]
spiderman Real Life Superheroes Different Frozen Elsa Pink spidergirl, cute cats Frozen Anna! spiderman Real Life Superheroes Different Frozen Elsa Pink spidergirl, cute cats Frozen Anna! Frozen Pink Spidergirl Batman! & Anna Superhero Fun in [More]
Big Cat in Slow Motion…Watch as tigers, a lion, and a black leopard take treats in slow motion. See how big, powerful, and majestic they are!! This footage was shot on a Phantom Camera in [More]
Cole and Marmalade are really PAWSOME travelers! … It’s been a hectic time fur us all, we recently moved from California to Illinois to be closer to family and of course I collected a lot [More]
There’s lots of things that scare cats! … cucumbers, lightning, hair dryers, door bells, vacuums… but what’s the SCARIEST? National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! Everybody knows “RESCUED” is the BEST breed, visit your local [More]
View full lesson: They’re cute, they’re lovable, and judging by the 26 billion views on over 2 million YouTube videos of them, one thing is certain: cats are very entertaining. But their strange feline [More]
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Scientists craft a little grey goo which is capable of eating cats! And then after that it eats everything else in the world. So have fun watching me play as a cute little goo out [More]
Sky, Barney, Max, and Red play a little game of Hide and Seek with Aphmau! …and it’s purrrfect! Aphmau also asks about shipping stuff. ? Sky- ? Max – ? Red – [More]
No cats were harmed in the making of this video. Only the owner’s ego. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Eastern Chillstep Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by Audioblocks.  [More]
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Some of the biggest celebrity cats on the internet have come together for an EPIC music video to support the Paw Project. Declawing in North America needs to stop. Let’s do our part by educating [More]
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Tricky Cats, They’re a Handfull! Today we have a full case of Tricky Cats by Kidrobot. Our own kitty cats decided to join in on the fun. Let’s open these up and see which cats [More]
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A movie about cats, narrated by Sir David Attenborough 2011 favourite Cats documentary
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Watch this funny cat video and you will never leave your cat home alone again :p Some cats can actually feel guilty 😉 But most of them just don’t give a s**t 😛 Hope [More]
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To help make your day even better, check out this hilarious cat clip and some unexpected dance moves!
In the battle between dogs and cats, everybody is a bad boy. Nostalgia Critic looks over the hair raising insanity. It’s time to review Cats and Dogs! Donate to Heifer International here – Get [More]
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The secret life of cats! … Ever wondered what your cats get up to when you leave? I decided to start collecting footage of CAM once we left the house, it was great fun uploading [More]
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Ellen found a study about the difference between the love that cats and dogs have for their owners… and now she has some proof.
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(This video has English and Chinese subtitles) ??? ??? ?? ????!! ?? ????? ?? ??????? Attack of the giant centipede!! Will the cats be able to protect their house? ??? ???? [??] [???] [??] ????. [More]
Family Game Night kids game challenge with the vintage game Fraidy Cats! The kittens play on the backyard fence but the dog Mug chases them. DisneyCarToys Sandra and Spidey do the game challenge and the [More]
Team Drift Cats is the next evolution in gaming entertainment. Cats? Check. Racing? Check. Generic sound effects? Check. Sanity? Nope. Sounds just like my kind of game, so ready your engines! ? Subscribe: ? [More]
Siri pulled out some spooky memes, but was it enough to defeat the mighty Launchpad? Find out in the next episode of Drago… No wait wrong show. Just a short video for fun. Inspired by [More]
Host Finn Raynal-Beads (Adam Driver) and his French counterparts, Joelle LaRue (Cecily Strong) and Noelle LeSoup (Kate McKinnon), take very different approaches to narrating cat videos. Subscribe to the SNL channel for more clips: [More]
Cats bringing humans down a peg. Video by Mario Orcon. Footage provided by Jukin Media
Cats first encounter with new puppies. Cats and puppies interacting is so funny, some of these cats really don’t know what to think! Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time! [More]
Does your cat go crazy for Q-Tips? Cole and Marmalade LOVE them and always try and steal them to play with… While this may seem like another harmless cat quirk, it’s important to realize that [More]
Watch this funny cat video and you will never leave your cat home alone again :p Some are funny, some are cute, most of them are both. Just gotta love them, right? Hope you [More]
Accarezza il tuo gatto FUNNY CAT COMPILATION
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From the small cats to the big cats, everyone loves holiday enrichment. Watch to see some of our small wild cat species playing with their holiday toys. Enrichment to very important in the lives of [More]
Cats Love Babies Compilation Dogs are not the only ones who love babies, cats also know how to express their feelings towards the cute little babies… Rate, Share & Enjoy The Video! ? Subscribe to [More]
Welcome to my Fallout 4 Let’s Play! This walkthrough contains 1080p HD PC gameplay footage. Fallout Shelter, Fallout 3, and New Vegas were a blast, but I’ve been WAITING for Fallout 4! Tips and Advice [More]
Wonderful World Of Cats – Domestic Cats Documentary – History Channel HD The Domestic Cats is a small, often furry, tamed, as well as carnivorous creature. They are usually called housecats when kept as an [More]
There’s no doubt that people love cats and dogs – but does one stand out over the other? Welcome to, and in this episode of Versus we’re comparing the domestic cat with its canine [More]
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