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Kylie Myers was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer at the age of 12. While undergoing radiation, she asked for a kitten. Her parents thought it would be best to talk about it when they got [More]
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????????????????????????????…? “????????????????????????????????????????? -My friend visits my house with her kitten”
?Maple is the sweetest [DereDere] Ragdoll girl (born 9 Sept 2016) ?Speckles is a curious [Kuu-TsunDere] Bengal girl (7 Oct 2016) Thanks for watching ((???)) Daddy’s Channel:
We got a kitten! And here she is!
Today we have our little helper Play Doh Girl visiting her baby kittens while they are having a sleepover and camping on the pirate ship playground park for kids. Play Doh Girl also wanted to [More]
Kitten woke up and purrs loudly on my father’s bed. The kitten is very happy and wants to play with me and bite me.
You guys been asking for an update with the kittens so here you go! If we reach 20,000 likes Ill make ANOTHER Video doing something FUN with my kitten 😀 You can find MORE KITTEN [More]
Like all the other children Masha was afraid of being lost until she heard a story about a kitten. He was just a kitten, but with one particular feature- he couldn’t survive outside without being [More]
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From cute kittens falling asleep, kittens trying to catch soap bubbles, to kittens hanging out in boxes, these are just a few of the cute kittens you’ll find in this kittens video compilation. The Pet [More]
A one-week update on Small Fry, the emaciated kitten who won our hearts 7 days ago. Check out to learn more about my work!
Kitten Lady rescues an emaciated kitten and her family. Please welcome Small Fry, Chip, Gnocci, Poutine, Yam, and their mama, Latka. Learn more and support the project at: Follow these kittens at @kittenxlady (IG) [More]
Random Short Video: Catch up on Gibbyson as he has grown from a kitten to a cat. A short documentary explaining the transitions during kitty life using zero facts. Flaggle Claggle
Source: Thedodo This past summer, millions of people took to the streets to play Pokémon Go, and one Reddit user ended up saving a cat’s life in the process. Reddit user Zerofatorial was wandering the [More]
VLOG CHANNEL: What’s up team! So Emma shaved my eyebrow off and ever since I’ve been plotting my revenge. So I decided to prank Emma by pretending to put our baby cat Grizabella in [More]
Noel Fitzpatrick and his team try some old-school methods by using leeches to save a cat’s leg. Watch the series on All 4:
If you’re caring for a newborn orphan kitten, syringe feeding might be a good option–but you want to make sure you’re doing so carefully. Here’s how to safely feed a kitten via syringe. Please subscribe [More]
Squirt is a kitten that was fostered and adopted, partially because of the bond she formed with Dalmatians Louie and Lady. They have a blast playing even when Squirt is being a bit annoying! Source [More]
00:09 – Three Little Kittens Park – Cutians 02:36 – Three Little Kittens food – Cutians 05:03 – Three Little Kittens farm – Cutians 07:29 – Three Little Kittens Rio – Cutians 10:52 – Three [More]
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From kittens playing with new toys, kittens too tired to stay awake, to cute kittens enjoying bath time, these are just a few of the cute kittens you’ll find in this cute kittens video compilation. [More]
Kitten Lady takes in five neonatal kittens on a winter day in Philadelphia.
Tarragon is the kitten you’ll find nursing on the big beanbag chair most often, but the others do join in occasionally. Make sure you’ve got your sound on for this one – it’s worth it! [More]
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Teen Titans characters Kitten and Blackfire meet up at the shady No-Tell Motel in this Cartoon Hook-Up, and they have a few things in common… Check us out on Patreon! Facebook – Twitter [More]
Kitten in the apartment feels happy. Kitten having fun in an apartment and does not remember the hard life in the basement. Link annotation:
He was found on the roadside. The kitten is quite a talker. See full story at
Credit: Instagram / Casey Shaw and Julie Lang This is Margot, the kitten. Casey Shaw said he found Margot while he was out skateboarding. She was filthy and was sneezing and sniffling. Casey got a [More]
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A little “Frozen Kitten Turns One” party my dad threw for me and some of my famous feline friends from around the internet. Honored to host the largest gathering of famous cats in internet history [More]
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Tidbit was found all alone at just one day old, but was saved by Kitten Lady. This video is a celebration of his rescue, in hopes that those who are inspired by his story will [More]
Meet Speck… Dr. Karri pulled him…and his siblings… from the shelter because of an eye trouble – only to find out there was a larva living in HIS HEAD. Hope you have a strong stomach [More]
From cute kittens playing with halloween decorations, climbing down stairs, to cute kittens playing with cars, these are just a few of the cute kittens you’ll find in this cute kittens video compilation. The Pet [More]
WATCH MY LAST VIDEO ? Glorious trash baby kitten Beetle was found in a dumpster. We had all intents and purposes of fostering him but then fell completely in love with this cat. He is [More]
Turkish TV broadcast was crashed by a surprise visitor on live television: A stray kitten. The kitten has since been adopted by a station staffer. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE [More]
I can’t believe my mom did this!!! We have been joking around about getting kittens for the past week and she actually went out and GOT ONE! I am completely blown away! My mother is [More]
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Rescue crews helped save a kitten stuck on the ledge of a building in Singapore.
Let’s face it, the Vice Presidential Debate wasn’t exactly the spectacle that the first Presidential Debate was, but luckily, we knew how to make it better… KITTENS! (Courtesy of our friends at The North Shore [More]
A battle of cute proportions took place in our dining room! Vote Daily Bumps for “Show of the Year!” ? ??? More Links Below! ??? 1 Year Ago ? 2 Years Ago ? [More]
Singapore kitten rescue from 12th floor lodge filmed on action camera goes viral on the internet. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us [More]
Firefighters rescued a kitten that was stuck in a pipe. It took them 10 minutes to cut the pipe, so the kitten could get out of it RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like [More]
Saving a Dying Kitten ON CAMERA! | He Was Hit By a Car… Probably the best thing i’ve ever did… FULL VIDEO: (Daily VLOG Channel) ? (Gaming Channel) ? (YouNow Broadcast) ? [More]
Music by: Kevin Macleod – Garden Music Una pequeña intro que hice, me encanta el efecto Bokeh! :3 I love bokeh effects, it’s extremely tingly to watch! enjoy this little intro! Meow!
HELP!! My human is trying to feed me this wet gooey stuff and I’m not down with that. What should he do?? Attempt at giving kitten cat wet food for the first time but the [More]
Welcome to our LIVE Kitten cam! This is a MULTICAM Livestream, so please make sure to check out the other Cameras. Note: You must be on a desktop to use this feature as of right [More]
R.I.P. kitten. You fought so hard. Please keep in mind that I cannot film every moment of my life. A lot of the times in the vlog show the kitten crying because I was trying [More]
If there is nothing going on, you can rewind the stream up to 4 hours to see action. Is there something we should know about? Do you have a question for us? Email us at [More]
This beautiful little kitten, named ‘Henry’, was rescued from the pound with hours left to live on death row. Adelle, one of Cat Rescue Newcastle’s finest, saved him and this is how he says thank [More]
Alley’s tastes are so distinguished, she taught herself how to use a toilet. KITTEN IMPOSSIBLE AIRS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2 at 10/9c.
BUZOVNA, AZERBAIJAN — Bystanders stumbled upon a kitten that had its head stuck in a glass jar, and filmed its rescue. The kitten’s entire head was stuck inside of a glass jar. Bystanders were able [More]
Tennyson the German Shepherd watched as of his newly adopted kitten struggled to hop upstairs. He immediately leapt into action and carried him up to the top, then proceeded to cuddle with him. Check Out [More]
Hey guys. Sorry for not posting anything for so long – the two ‘Stop a Douchebag’ channels are currently eating up all our resources, but new videos are coming, and we hope we’ll make it [More]
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Hola a todos, hermosas y hermosos! Cómo están el día de hoy? Espero que les guste este vídeo, mi viejo micrófono se rompió y por eso en los últimos vídeos tuve que usar otro muy [More]
Amid the ongoing refugee crisis in the Mediterranean, the Italian coastguard is used to saving the lives of EU-bound migrants. But this is the moment officers transferred their resuscitation skills to save a seemingly lifeless [More]
The kitty and Jackson have some adorable moments and we talk serious about a HUGE milestone! Our Infertility Struggles: ?????? CLICK TO SEE MORE ???????? Calvin’s Live Birth Video – Watch Jackson’s Live [More]
She’s very pregnant, and very sweet. More details coming soon on our website blog!
Kittens being fed, playing board games, and kittens trying to fit into jars, are just some of the cute kittens you’ll find in this kitten video compilation. The Pet Collective is home to the top [More]
? Full video: A lot of people were asking about my opinion on what I think about the possibility of killing a kitten in the game to hide the scent of a dog looking [More]
Yandere Simulator Myths using the July 25th 2016 build! Yandere sim myths is a Kubz Scouts series where we answer questions, find glitches, debunk myths or take on challenges in the popular indie sandbox game [More]
Ollie has turned three and its time to have a big pawty! ???? ???? Follow Bryan on Snapchat! ? ???? bryanlanning ??? More Links Below! ??? 1 Year Ago ? 2 Years Ago ? [More]
Finn and our new kitten are off to a fun start! Follow Missy on Snapchat! ? ???? missylanning ??? More Links Below! ??? 1 Year Ago ? 2 Years Ago ? 3 Years Ago [More]
Baby Kitten & family is a hilarious and funny cartoon for kids and family from the Cat and Keet family. When a baby kitten comes home, Cat has to take care of it. But will [More]
It’s cuterebra season here at NHS and last week we had a little dilute tortie/white kitten come in to NHS with one of these perpetrators in an unusual place. Watch the successful extraction! For more [More]
Every cat has a story. Every kitten deserves a chance. Special thanks to catsatthestudios for saving these adorable kittens named Paris and Mocha. Poke My Heart celebrates moments that make your day brighter. Here you’ll [More]
Check out the cute character animation in this 3D animated short called “Once Kitten, Think Twice” created by the talented folks over at Pixelhunters! For more information, please see the details and links below: Website [More]
KOKO – THE GORILLA WHO TALKS premieres Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET on PBS. Learn about Koko and her kitten All Ball.
These guys were driving along a street in Tallinn, Estonia as a storm raged above them. When they saw a tiny kitten stranded in the middle of the flooded street, they quickly leapt into action [More]
Cali the kitten was trapped in a storm drain for 96 hours until the efforts of Sierra Pacific FurBabies a non profit rescue organization in CA finally paid of and she was rescued! Thank you [More]
She is 10 Weeks old and her Name is Pixel Subscribe – Store: Camera: Social Media: Livestream Twitter Instagram SteamGroup Videoedits and Uploads by: Song – Honey [More]
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We’re glad you guys are enjoying our Sims 3 Ever After series! This has been our longest series together since Cloud 9! We adopt a new kitten in this episode. Meet Jake! Leave a LIKE [More]
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Kitten can’t wait to climb out of his cage to see his best friend puppy , the cuteness and escaping level it’s over 9000 in this video ! Credits : JoLinnPetHouse : Like & [More]
Courtsey Jolinn pet house Facebook. The JoLinn Pet House, a pet store in Taipei, Taiwan, posted a video of a kitten attempting to escape its pen by leaping over a gap in the top. A [More]
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When it comes to live television, you’ve got to be ready for anything! An adorable kitten decided to crash WXYZ reporter Nima Shaffe’s live shot this morning in Washtenaw County. Our new furry friend could [More]
“Smitten Kitten” (fragment), is a 1952 American one-reel animated cartoon and is the 66th Tom and Jerry short directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and produced by Fred Quimby. It was the only Tom [More]
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GOLDEN, COLORADO — A Colorado animal shelter has saved the cutest and most resilient kitten. Aptly named Trooper, a 10-day-old kitten was facing death when he was brought to Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, Colorado. [More]
From cute kittens hugging to adorable cats giving high fives, this video is proof that kittens are heavenly. The Pet Collective is home to the top trending clips, most entertaining memes, and funniest animal videos [More]