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We recently received four kittens and a mama cat from a girl who had been trapping them by the A-1 Automotive Garage in Griffin, GA. These little local rescues are a bit shy, but we [More]
Hey everyone! I’m finally back. I’m so excited to create more content for you guys! This video is an intro to the world of my cats. Learn their names and watch me train Tiger to [More]
Super Hans aka Soup aka Soupy Boy is a 4-month-old kitten and I’ve been trying to train him in little ways since I got him (stopping him from eating all of our food, mostly). I [More]
NEVER Miss an Episode: Subscribe here: How can you mess up adopting a new kitten? Apparently, pretty easily. This week, Dr. Andy shares 3 common mistakes people make when they bring home a new [More]
After they start eating normal catfood, the mother stops cleaning the kittens. So they start using the litterbox….. hopefully!!
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Thank got she stopped now. We got them a new bed
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No matter how popular cats are due to their independence, caring for a cat is something that needs to be done correctly in order to avoid behavioral issues, as they need attention too. However, there [More]
Our veterinarian Dr Kim discusses the top 10 things you need to have in order for your new kitten. These include setting up a safe space, litter training, exercise and play, desexing, vaccinations, worming, flea [More]
Ever wonder how to leash train your cat? You can do it with some patience, some practice, and these five easy steps. Walking a cat is a bit different than walking a dog. But it’s [More]
Chintu boy (kitten training session)
We often get asked how we taught our cats to walk on a leash. This is a video that I’ve been meaning to make for awhile now. In this video I talk about how we [More]
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If you’ve ever potty-trained a toddler, you know that the first step is getting them interested in the toilet. You set them on the training toilet at regular intervals, sometimes encouraging them to stay by [More]
The tigers, especially Natasha, are learning their hunting skills. The bottle babies are screaming for food as usual. The spicy kittens are really starting to love me!! My foster Sarah has started an Instagram spotlighting [More]
Spoiler Alert – It went way better than expected. Pet Safe Leash and Harness: Traveler’s Garden Leash Training – Ways You Can Help with Kittens and Cats – Donations for Kittens Vet Care [More]
Earning Pontiac (tabby) and Ferarri (grey kitten) both’s trust through charging the clicker. They are both pretty into getting chicken treats and pick up quickly on what the click means. I (Charmaine) normally like to [More]
Cat Mia Snow and her 7 weeks old kittens.
A live demonstration giving tips on how to train a kitten to sit. Training a cat is like training a dog. that’s right… be consistent, use positive reinforcement, and keep it short. Cats, like dogs, [More]
Please enjoy this informative video on caring for baby kittens! If you are interested in fostering kittens, please reach out to Christa or Megan for more information: or Thank you for watching!
Ashley showing Lucy Mae how to play.
Petbarn offers you expert advice on how to easily litter train your kitten. It’s essential to raise the kitten to use the litter correctly, otherwise, the kitten will grow up with a habit of peeing [More]
These are some things to think about when you are trying to teach kittens how to do things your way. Make sure to always be patient; it’s not the kitten’s fault!
via YouTube Capture For all the cat fans! Met this friendly little black & white kitty out on the post the other day – I reckon he’s the next Jess… what a cutie!
well this went about as well as expected guys i just realized…..i forgot to include a cereal box in this week’s video….there’s not even one cereal box in sight in the whole thing….my brand had [More]
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Often used unpractical Training-methods & Mistakes, which cause Failure or even a complete Catastrophe on Leash. My Siamese Cats Otani & Yozora go on walks for over 9 years with & without Leash (at least [More]
Toilet Training My British Shorthair kittens, How To Litter Train a Kitten, Potty Cats maowing, kittens maowing #ToiletTraining #kittens #goldenkitten #cat #cats
My cat Dietrich teaching her son Monroe how to use the litter box.
Training my cats how to hunt on my back yard, in the middle of the winter. Both cats are 4 months old, females
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I took down the barrier since the kittens need to be potty trained. Penny went potty in the covers and Piper went potty in the litter box. I got Mia to eat treats out of [More]
We changed the sheets today. I show everyone how Penny loves to float (it is her favorite way to be held) The kittens played with the teaser and ball tower. Bella was adorable in the [More]
He’s working on his right hook and she’s working on dodging it!!
The Alvaydo experiences with Cats their behaviours
Dante is practicing jumping on/off of objects (in this video, a platform and a scratching post).
While many kittens will need little help, learning how to litter box train a kitten is an important process for any new kitten owner. These kitten litter training tips will make sure your new kitten [More]
Litter training your kitten is an important step when settling them in. Luckily, cats are instinctually very clean animals, so, more often than not, litter training is a straightforward process. Here are some helpful hints. [More]
I found a better way to hold the kittens while I am helping them with bathroom duties. I was very proud lol. Jericho is still making sure the kittens are clean. I started litter box [More]
Shaping Alpha and Omega to high-five from the touch command with some distractions in between.
Teach your cat with proper potty training and learn how to solve common litter box problems. Potty training a kitten isn’t easy and you need this course to understand your pet’s behavior. I may get [More]
Generally, you can start to litter train your kitten once she is 4 to 6 weeks old. Much of the time, her mom will teach her how to utilize the litter box. Your kitten may [More]
A very smart 6 week old foster kitten using Kitty’s Loo (The Purrfect Potty). He took to it immediately. 80% more successful than #sharktank#kittysloo, #thepurrfectpotty your cat The Purrfect Potty today!
We have decided we are going to toilet train Cardi, our new kitten! Wish us luck…………….. Today we vlogged our day off and obvi went to Target. THANK YOU ALL FOR WATCHING!!!! & don’t forget [More]
We create obedient kittens who submit to nail clipping.
The exercise of one command took 15 minutes. Training the cats is similar to training dogs.
Kitten being trained to Kill mice. Tug of Force. This kitten I found, half in a placental sac. Started with an egg yolk n warm water in a 1mil. Then I got the powder from [More]
How To Litter Train A Kitten FAST – Kitten Care 101! – New kittens are amazing, but the mess that comes with them not understanding how to use a litter tray can be frustrating and [More] 4 Effective Ways to Litter Box Train a New Kitten Litter box training doesn’t have to be hit or miss when these tips are put into action. The sooner you litter box train a [More]
Kitten Goes For A Walk | Leash Training Progress Meeko is starting to get used to being outside; I can’t wait until I can have him out there with Capone at the same time! PS. [More]
Mia didn’t eat her breakfast but was fine by lunch. Max fell asleep in my arms. We put the door on the carrier for more training. Mia stayed out for a long time today. We [More]
Catch up on the action with these cat-letes in training and, if you are interested in adopting any of these adorable felines, make sure you visit North Shore Animal League America at Tune into [More]
Leash training our kitten!! We are NOT hurting him whatsoever!! His collar is very loose. You just need to tug on them a bit and walk them everyday. They will get used to it!! This [More]
8 weeks old first day home, first pee in toilet! Toilet training, Documenting how long training takes!
click here: :How to Train Your Cat. Cats are independent creatures. They tend to stick to themselves. However, some cats are very loving. Despite your cat’s temperament you need to learn how to train [More]
Feral Kitten Training
Clicker training for cats with kitten Binx (4 months old ragdoll) – First step: Charging the clicker during a few sessions a day. Subscribe: Clicker training for cats is a training system of teaching [More]
Learn The PROVEN Steps Instruction From One of The World’s Most Skilled Trainer Here: Litter Training My Kitten – When and How Do I Start to Train My Kittens? It is safe to say [More]
Kitten fun on Nov 18
This is the second kitten my husband has taught to fetch. They love it–it’s like they’re saying, “Finally someone realized how we like to play!”
Successful training
When you bring a kitten home, they don’t automatically come litter-trained, so it’s important to set them up for success. Use a proper-sized litter box and the right kind of litter, and put it in [More]
One of the kittens tinkled on the blanket so I brought out the litter box. They were not very receptive. They were full of energy though. We also received some presents and donations! Thank you [More]
3 weeks’ old, 1st real toy
Annie the kitten is now 4 weeks old. She is becoming more curious, learning to use the litter box, and playing with toys. She is such a joy! Music:
Train your cat to walk on a leash the cat walks you though
My Kitten Hyla has mad skills
How to walk a kitten on leash. Meet Scout, our Main Coon 16 week old kitten.
play with cats kitten play Playing with a kitten is important. Kittens need to play for exercise and to prevent boredom. Playing with your kitten can also help your kitten bond with you. Play a [More]
In this exercise session I am demonstrating the four steps of teaching Casper our ragdoll kitten how to shake a paw using the clicker training method for cats. – Subscribe: Everyone can do this. [More]
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How to Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash! Leash Training for Your Cat! Teach an Old Cat New Tricks! – Most cat owners know the feeling of wanting an indoor cat for safety [More]
Tiny fluffball runs the room. Streak is still sleeping with me at nap time. Big fluffball has loose stool. I started litter training the playpen kittens and then they all had to have baths (separate [More]
My kittens Jambo, Fernando and Tricolor getting skilled assassains
Learn how to help your new kitten to settle into your new home. Get tips and advice from Nick Jones, our pet behaviourist. Explore more pet training tips and advice for your puppies and kittens [More]
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Peaches babies born 3-21-2016 litter box training.
Subscribe Now: Watch More: If you’re planning on getting a kitten, there are a few key things that you’re going to have to have. Find out what you need for a kitten with [More]
Learn how to toilet train your puppy quickly from Nick Jones, our pet behaviourist. Explore more pet training tips and advice for your puppies and kittens from Petplan YouTube channel Get your pets insured [More]
Learn how to toilet train your kitten from Nick Jones, our pet behaviourist. Explore more pet training tips and advice for your puppies and kittens from Petplan YouTube channel Get your pets insured today [More]
Learn how to train your puppy on the lead. Get tips and advice from Nick Jones, our pet behaviourist. Explore more pet training tips and advice for your puppies and kittens from Petplan YouTube channel [More]
Learn how to teach your cat to do simple tricks like high five and shake. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time to teach your pet these awesome tricks.
This Channel All About Trap and A Z Animal Kitten Training to be Personal Injury Lawyer If you think animal life is important to save and this channel continues to campaign to save and unique [More]
By Hill Joey 28052018 #cute kittens #Kitten training
Today we learned jumping skill. I always start her training with the same command “Ready Luna” or “Get Ready Luna” so that she’ll get use to the word every time we begin the training/play session. [More]