This is a veterinary educational video for cat owners. Many Singaporean cat owners do not know how to clean their cat’s ears and clear the infection. How to put ear drops and eye drops in [More]
Persian Cat @ Vet in Dhaka @ Dr. Sagir’s Pet Clinic 01912251312
I movie music Lps speed paint Thanks for watching
Make this simple cat toy yourself – description here:
My 2 month old kitten named ” Yuri” is a Persian / Shiraz cat ( really don’t know the difference lol ) . 🙂
Wow, another year has flown by! Lexi is now 15 and doing great. ? She seems to be healthier now in her ‘old’ age…still grumpy though! ? Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. [More]
Just the usual at our house, Lexi is very mellow or annoyed? Lacey wants to play with Lexi and she can’t be bothered. So, Lacey gets the crazies on her own! Thanks for watching! Please [More]
Persian Cat Escape Game Video Walkthrough | MSK Escape Games | Escape Game Video Walkthrough Here is the Persian Cat Escape Game Video Walkthrough . If you not not able to play next move kindly [More]
The struggle is real: Persian cat can’t fit face in glass The struggle is real: Persian cat can’t drink from glass Subscribe My channel : My Social Media Link google plus : facebook [More]
that’s my cat fafa at her 1 year old
my pregnant cat at the 42 day after mate plz rate it
My black persian cat, 11 years old.
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What the hell it’s doing?
Video from niyaz vallana whitefarm pathanamthitta about persian cats cat farm
Preparing a Persian Cat for the Show Ring with Danelle German Preview Topic: Danelle German is a worldwide respected cat groomer both with show felines and everyday pets. In this preview, she shows you how [More]
Most Beautiful Long Hair Persian Cat in Gray
Persian Cat Nip Party at Regan & Maxi Jr. 6 weeks old, their daddy CH Maxi & big brother CH Rocky having fun with Catnip.
This is William Bradley the Persian cat, at his best throwing a show and pretending to be an expert at getting into a box! Mom’s saying PAS IN DIE BOKS IN, which means, GO-ON! Fit [More]
smart cat sophie;a 2 year old rescued silver shaded persian cat can do tricks since she was 1 and a half year old
May 13, 2015. A young lady rescues an abandoned Persian cat with an infected damaged left eye. This cat’s eyeball need to be removed many days later.
Baby Zog doing tricks
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Persian Cat Goes to Get Haircut But Comes Back With an Unexpected Look…
It took me so long to edit this video! I had over a half hour of footage because I was having so much fun switching up the furniture. This has to be one of my [More]
Please visit Wilma and Stanley at: It’s a beautiful Sunday… Wilma and Stanley are really enjoying the car ride, until Stanley the Persian kitty fell down from the dashboard:) Wilma is a Saint Bernard [More]
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Please wish Lexi a very Happy 12th Birthday! She gets a few treats and, of course, Lacey has to have some treats too =) Lexi was actually pretty mellow today! Thanks for watching! Please comment, [More]
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Dengan berjuang sekuat tenaga akhirnya Kimmy melahirkan anak kembar empat, yang dua bulunya persis kayak kimmy, lahir pertama putih, kedua tabby, ketiga tabby, setelah berselang setengah jam lebih anak yang keempat lahir dengan bulu putih [More]
Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Persian Cat · The Frogs The Frogs ? 2009 JIMMY FLEMION /DENNIS FLEMION/ THE FROGS Released on: 2009-09-03 Auto-generated by YouTube.
The process of the grooming with Adorable Mati
Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2016 Amazing Cat and Dog Friendship Cat and Dog Play Fighting Cute Cats and Dogs Love Baby Cat and Dog Play in Ground Cat and Dog Play Fighting [More]
Lexi has been sleeping in Lacey’s bed, probably because she feels cold. Lacey should not mind, she does not sleep in her own bed anyway! Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and subscribe ? Follow [More]
In game description: “An F-14B special aircraft with desert camo. Features robust durability and simplified maintenance, keeping it operational even amid the harshest conditions and missions without insufficient air coverage. Though enough to handle wild [More]
“What breed is Smoothie the Cat?” is the number 1-question we receive via all her social platforms. In this video I’ll explain a bit more about her breed and also why it is unknown and [More]
Professional cat grooming courses at Cat Grooming School London , UK Persian cat Tuesday participating in professional training courses for professional and student cat groomers alike.
persian cat dansing
This fountain design was a special request of our Persian cat friends, who’s cats tend to “bathe” in their fountains. The drinking indentations are just large enough to allow the cat to drink – keeping [More]
I can’t call this HILARIOUS sound meowing. I had no idea what my kitten wanted, but it was fun to watch. He’s changed a lot since then, check it out: kittens cats and kittens [More]
Lovely Jumbo Pillow got to experience snow for the first time. ?-? Lovely Jumbo Pillow got to experience snow for the first time. ?-? Lovely Jumbo Pillow got to experience snow for the first time. [More]
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Persian cat captured with Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30 Camera at highest settings.
This male Persian cat always wants to play. But he bites too hard though, leaving sratches and marks in my arms.
This 1 yr old Persian Cat loves to be groomed.
Lexi does love to play and we try to do this before Lacey interrupts, as usual 😉 4K video Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. Follow cute Shih Tzu dog Lacey here: Subscribe: [More]
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My persian cat loves on my baby sister
Description PRICE White: Rs 18000 Black: Rs 16000 Grey: Rs 15000 Dark Brown: Rs 17000 NOTE: 1. All Charges Included 2. Free Home delivery across India 3. Fixed price. Qualities: Pure Breed of Persian Arabic [More] – Cameos by Sahara and Sequoia MUSIC CREDITS ******************************************************************** COPYRIGHT ATTRIBUTION Title: Fife and Drum Artist: Kevin Macleod Copyright: Kevin MacLeod. Licensed to the public under verify at and ******************************************************************** – [More]
This is my rescued female cat named Becky. She was found starving and very thin and with gastrointestinal disorders. It tooked a while for her get confortable again after spending so much time alone in [More]
Please watch: “Ind vs sl” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- persian cat playing with rope – Correction on the birth date, they were born 6/5/17. Starring Sitka and family (Livingston, Loki, and Lakota). Nomad is the daddy. – Mythicbells cute Persian cats and cute Persian kittens by Molly Barr
My 1-year old Maine Coon and Silver-Shaded Persian cats playing with each other, I think. If they are fighting, wouldn’t they hiss or injure themselves? Can anyone tell? So far, after many checks, no blood [More]
Red Panda & Chinchilla Adoption: Endangered Clouded Leopard & Sig. Pomeranian Adoption:
The most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen 🙂 Yes, he’s fluffy and cute!
Cooper is an 18-month-old, cream-white Persian kitty. He is a sweetheart who openly displays his affection for others with tongue baths and fluffy rubs/brushups. Cooper loves to try out delectable treats. After transforming into a [More]
Lexi is having some much deserved quite time (Lacey is no where to be found!) and seems to enjoy looking out of the window and watching the birds and falling snow. Yes, more snow…such a [More]
Oscar talks about life with an emphasis on romance. Cute Ginger Persian Cat!
Some cats seem to think that a purr or a friendly rub speaks louder than words. Siamese are not of this school of thought and are known for their talent for communicating their ideas and [More]
Faolan Edan’s first days as a Persian cat
persian cat fishing
Persian cat loves to be combed. UPDATE 12/17/16: Unfortunately we had to put Blue down today 🙁 . About a month ago he developed tumors in his tongue, the vet said there was nothing he [More]
Persian Cat, one of the most favourite pets in the world, is a long-haired breed of cat characterized by its round face. It is also known as the Persian Longhair.
Special One Persian Cat Grooming
If you are wondering if Persian is a right cat for you then you are on right place. Watch this video for Persian cat breed facts and Persian cat care guide. The Persian cat is [More]
Occurred on March 24, 2017 / Middle Village, NY, USA “Graveskull the Persian cat loves to give back massages to Mommy!” TO SEE THE HOTTEST VIRAL VIDEOS DAILY… Subscribe to us on YouTube: Like [More]
Persian Cats 101 Fun Interesting Facts #persiancat CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE – From Wikipedia: The Persian cat (Persian: ???? ?????? Gorbe Irâni) is a long-haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and short [More]
My cat kelvin (male 15 months sealpoint himalayan white) licking my other cat mello (male 16 months persian brown), they both usually like to hide behind my imac, that spot is mello’s, teritory, thats why [More]
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“Warning Graphic images” Persian Himalayan Flame Point Summer in labor February 8, 2017. She had 5 healthy kittens ?????
It was a hot hot day at today’s Lalukhet Sunday Birds market Karachi. With exotic birds I witnessed some beautiful Persian cats for sale! Because of the weather this is video is smaller than my [More]
Persian Cat Shaded Silver Walking thru the Garden Rocky van het Kersenlarenhof Perzische kat kerselarenhof contour hd contourhd
As Lacey’s friends already know, this is a rare occurrence between Lacey and Lexi, LoL! They never cease to amaze me 😉 Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and subscribe. Follow cute Shih Tzu dog [More]
My blue Persian cat Tom playing with my female Albino budgie sweetu . No worries because they just play and cause no harm to each other.
Tip #1: Don’t do a demo with a 4 month old frisky furrball if you expect people to listen to your talk. He was soooooo cute!
Hey guys! Some of you asked me to show you my LPS Collection and it would be difficult to show ALL of it, so I decided to group them up! Today, I’ll be showing my [More]
? ??? ?????! ??? ??? ???? ?????! ?? ??? ???? ????? ????? ?? ? ???. ????? ???? ??? ??, ???, ????? ??? ??? ??? ? ???? ??, ?? ???? ?? ?? ? ?? ?? [More]
Persian cats are known for their beauty and affection to their owners. This video explains the behavior & living style of persian cat. When you bring home a persian cat for first time, make sure [More]