In this video you can see that Persian cat are living and how Persian cat is playing, they live like a family and enjoying that family. please check this video and also entertain yourself and [More]
This is my pregnant queen , Princes . She is about to give birth . Notice , the photos of the litter that you see are of her last pregnancy not the recent one .
Just another day with the crazy fur sisters. Lexi doesn’t know what to think about Lacey and her zoomies, lol. Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. Follow cute Shih Tzu dog Lacey here: [More]
I would like to share my success with raising my cats with other people through my videos. I have worked with my cats to use in therapy for my child. I have learned how to [More]
Here a timelapse of a realistic drawing of my Persian Cat Pogo drawn with Apple Pencil in Procreate. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up! You can also subscribe and never [More]
Animal Brown Persian Cat Chinchilla Longhair ? Subscribe : ? Sites : Kucing persia adalah jenis kucing berambut panjang dengan karakter wajah bulat dan moncong pendek. Namanya mengacu pada Persia, nama lama Iran, [More]
…and Lacey just has to get in on the playtime!! Watch Lacey at the end, she is a riot 😉 Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and subscribe. Follow cute Shih Tzu dog Lacey here: [More]
Well, this is a video on the Persian cat both traditional and modern (ultra typed or flat faced, call it what you like). You can read and see a lot more about the Persian cat, [More]
This video Title is White Persian Cat: Trying to Listen Song Persian Cat. This white Persian cat name Bush. Bush is playing with earplug. In this video you can judge Persian Cat Personality. She is [More]
Bela has a unique response to the appearance of her human: she quickly takes a petting pose, then jumps at the couch while leading me there with a gaze coupled with meowing. Once the petting [More]
Learn How to Cut your cats hair I am a Pet Groomer and I made this video to show you how I Groom my clients, there is diferent ways and techniques I I hope you [More]
Since so many people asked me “why oh why did you shave her beautiful fur off?”, HERE´S THE REASON! This video is only a short demonstration to show you how much she *hates* being combed [More]
We were looking for Lexi and Lacey ran right past her, lol. Of course, they had to do the usual with each other… Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. Follow cute Shih Tzu [More]
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Wow, Lexi is 14! She is doing great and still grumpy with Lacey, so that is a good thing, lol. She gets to play until Lacey comes in at the end and chases her, of [More]
What do you think? Doesn’t matter if Lexi won’t play with Lacey, Lacey will go nuts all on her own… Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. Follow cute Shih Tzu dog Lacey here: [More]
Cutest cat ever!!!!!
Preparing a Persian Cat for the Show Ring with Danelle German Preview Topic: Danelle German is a worldwide respected cat groomer both with show felines and everyday pets. In this preview, she shows you how [More]
Here is a short version of what goes on every single day in our house! Lacey wants to play so bad with the cat, but Lexi just can’t be bothered, as usual… Thanks for watching! [More]
To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email 6 year old Brooklyn got the best surprise for her birthday. After loosing two beloved senior cats, Brooklyn begged for a [More]
Dear My Kitten – Persian Cat 1 Month ———————————————————————————————————- Funny cats – Looks my kitten cat 🙂 It’s sooo cute and i guess it is beautiful cat in the future. She opended her eyes and [More]
Mrs Kim Board-Allam judging ‘Best Persian Adult’ at the Supreme Cat Show 2013
This video is about Moonbear sleeping. He can’t wake up. His auntie is world famous animal communicator, Samantha Khury. He loves her. His owner is here: And here:
Beautiful kitty – this little chinchilla silver Persian filmed and showed in Kelowna will soon be on it’s way to Philadelphia and a new home. I LOVE CATS…
The Royal Canin cat food Persian formula has uniquely shaped kibbles to make ingestion, chewing and digestion easy for your cat. Learn more here: This specialized food for Persian cats is made of a [More]
my beautiful cat..alot of hair, beautiful cat and eyes. Loves to be groomed. ofcourse the cat is very demanding…typical 🙂
it was her first pregnancy . she gave birth to two beautiful dark grey kittens.
Part 2: Another quick groom for Janelle who hates this procedure so much! I am using a special comb for long-furred cats with rotating spokes for getting mats out easily and painlessly. And no, I [More]
Himalayans and Persians often have long facial and head hair. It’s important to remove this hair because it can obscure the cat’s eyesight, but for show it also helps the head look open, round, and [More]
Well, trying to wrap Christmas presents in peace just does not happen in our house, lol 😉 Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. Follow cute Shih Tzu dog Lacey here: Subscribe: Google+: [More]
4 week old shaded golden kittens from the “I” litter (India, Idaho, Ivanhoe & Intrepid) are starting to stagger around and explore their little training corral. This is an ADORABLE AGE! Mythicbells Persians ( — [More]
We were decorating for Christmas and Lexi is playing with her toy from last year. Lacey comes along to bother her and then plays with a few of her Christmas toys from the past. They [More]
Lexi wanted to play with her toys, but Lacey just had to come by and ruin the fun, lol. Their glowing eyes look a little crazy. Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. Follow [More]
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Lacey just wants some love from Lexi… One from the archives when Lexi had her lion cut. Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. Follow cute Shih Tzu dog Lacey here: Subscribe: Google+: [More]
My girl Gretchen @ 8 months of age Are all cats the same? Absolutely not! There is much more to caring for a cat than setting out food and water, petting it whenever you get a few extra minutes of time and [More]
I found a really cute video of Lacey at about 8 months old and she would love it if Lexi would just play with her, sound familiar? LoL! She keeps trying and trying! Lacey still [More]
Having a little fun with Lexi, but Lacey was a little jealous? What do you think? This was the other day when it was still snowing. Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and subscribe. Follow [More]
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This was baby #2 in this litter. It was a little boy!
The world famous Luigi The Lion Cat meets his new pal Thumper The Lion Bunny! We hope you enjoy this cute video and we’ll be uploading many more videos soon! Check Luigi The Lion Cat [More]
Isn’t this cat adorable? He sat in my lap while I got my hair did
a slideshow of pictures with mc mong 😀
Look at her dashing around! She is sooo much more *active* without all the fur! I think she must feel like there´s a big weight off her back so she´s making the best out of [More]
Elizabeth is 5 months old here. Yet she appears to be trying to nurse from Cornelius. But he doesn’t mind.
Cat and Spanish Guitar Style / Gato tocando Violão Flamenco
My Blogs: My Main Website: Canadian Ilustrado: This is specifically a blog that I maintain for posting scholarly articles, opinions, and even tech news. iPodography: I like to share my travel pictures [More]
This is my cute (and fat 🙂 red tom-cat Fionn…Fionn has a big tail and when he goes into the garden leaves and stuff often stick to his tail…and this of course leads to great [More]
Persian Cat Facts – Facts About Persian Facts – Please take a moment to Like, Subscribe, and Comment on this video! View Our Channel To See More Cool Videos About Animals – persian cat [More]
Story of a Persian Cat, a black one. Sometimes funny, sad, silly, happy, and lonely. Living in a household accompanied by some birds and fishes. In this story of the Persian cat you will get [More]
The boys and Blair decided to do some home deco! Which resulted in them stripping their living courtiers from just bed couches and floor mattresses to a fully functioning bedroom with bunk beds and suitable [More]
Lexi wants to say hello and plays while Lacey must be sleeping somewhere? So surprised that Lacey didn’t come running to see what was going on… Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. Follow [More]
Persian Cat | Cute Persian Kittens | Adorable Persian Kittens Collection Videos Compilation Part cats, cat videos, cats meowing, cat fails, cat attack, cat and dog, cat attacks dog, persian cat 101, persian cat funny, [More]
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DOWNLOAD NOW 300 Sound Effects – Sound Effects Library
Mr. SHOPI is a cute Persian cat who lives with papa in France. Here you can watch him in an early morning. ???? ?????? – ????? ?????? – ??? – Chat Persan – Perserkatze – [More]
Ez a videó három jól elhatárolható részben mutatja be a macska fürdetését valós id?ben, kb. 40 perc alatt. A film elkészítésével az volt a célunk, hogy megmutassuk, hogyan kell szakszer?en fürdetni a hosszú sz?r? perzsa [More]
Fat persian cat eating at the table. Very cute!
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Watch Colin produce this beautiful Persian Cat at high speed! Watch the full tutorial here: Listen to our FREE podcast every week for tips, information and more: Music From: “Firebrand” Kevin MacLeod ( [More]
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Merm the rescued Persian is very talkative. Our 4 month old wants his undivided attention.
In this video i’m drawing a Persian Cat step by step with pencils. This video it´s not a tutorial but maybe can help you. More drawings in my youtube channel ThingsToDraw. Thanks for watching.
??????????????? Persian cat
Quick tips on how to comb a Golden Exotic Persian Cat, with the helping hand of Coco my young cat assistant
My shaded golden Persian cat gave birth to 4 babies on 5/29/12. At the time I took a few short clips during the birth and have finally gotten around to splicing them together. This was [More]
Grey persian cat
Chibu is a 5 month old Persian Cat. – ????? ?????? ??? – Chat Persan – Perserkatze – gatto persiano – ?????????? ????? – ?????????? ????? – Perserkatten – Persialainen – ???? – Gato persa [More]
Lexi hangs out in our spare room (the place where all extra unmatched furniture goes, lol) and Lacey just had to go bother her. Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. Follow cute Shih [More]
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She doesn’t understand the mask. Poor kitty.
He’s birthday is 2010/01/09
This is my very beautiful Persian cat Fifi mating with my own tom cat . Fifi is about 16 months old and her second boyfriend ( which you can see in this video ) is [More]
Lexi is helping (or playing) with the duster, haha… Of course, Lacey has to see what is going on and Lexi then becomes her usual annoyed self. Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. [More]
??????????????????????????????????????????????(My Cat Atom likes to pretend hunting. After a long bout with something invisible, he quietly falls in sleep!)
Do you want to check out more ORIGAMI Creatures and Tutorial with step by step paper folding diagram instructions go to =? This Video include paper folding figure instruction diagram. =============================================== Blog : [More]
This cat loves to sleep in the sink. But when somebody disturb him, he would fight back!
How to bathe a Persian cat, getting organized, and cat grooming products and supplies needed.
Our new Persian cat loves our teacup poodles but he had to show them who was boss while they were alittle pre-occupied persian cat demanding for petting
My awesome cat Thunder !
Persian Princess Janelle (sporting a trendy lion cut again) is utterly terrified of Lugosi´s radar dish collar….. Nuffers: please go and search for “Janelle hates grooming” and watch the video first before making crappy remarks [More]
Part II: 7 week old traditional Persian kittens playing. Remember not to leave you kitty alone with toys like this 🙂 To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [More]
As always, Lacey wants to play with Lexi and Lexi is being a little grumpy, nothing new 😉 So, Lacey decides to play by herself and has a blast running around. Thanks for watching! Please [More]
Other compilations: Boston Terrier – Devon Rex – Here is a compilation of the Persian cat breed. All credit and links are in the description. Persian kitten is afraid of Panda…Funny cat Hoos [More]
Kali is a 7-year old lazy hairy Persian cat. This video shows her daily life 🙂 ——– Perserkatten – Gato persa – ???? ?????? – Persialainen – gatto persiano – ???? ???? – ???? (??) [More]
here is my persian cat whose hate water & doesnt wana to take bath
Get the FURminator here: Must-have tool if you own a long hair cat! My lovely black fur-ball Batman is shedding lots of hair especially now during the summer. Thankfully I have recently discovered this [More]
Pumpkin doesn’t like to comb
Our 7-month-old, male Silver-shaded Chinchilla Persian Cat named Felix. Likes to have people around him but does not like to be held or touch. . Read more on Chinchilla Persian Cats at
Original video: Soundcloud for the song: This cat caught the metal