He’s birthday is 2010/01/09
This is my very beautiful Persian cat Fifi mating with my own tom cat . Fifi is about 16 months old and her second boyfriend ( which you can see in this video ) is [More]
Lexi is helping (or playing) with the duster, haha… Of course, Lacey has to see what is going on and Lexi then becomes her usual annoyed self. Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. [More]
??????????????????????????????????????????????(My Cat Atom likes to pretend hunting. After a long bout with something invisible, he quietly falls in sleep!)
Do you want to check out more ORIGAMI Creatures and Tutorial with step by step paper folding diagram instructions go to =? http://kimsorigami.tistory.com/ This Video include paper folding figure instruction diagram. =============================================== Blog : http://kimsorigami.tistory.com/ [More]
This cat loves to sleep in the sink. But when somebody disturb him, he would fight back!
How to bathe a Persian cat, getting organized, and cat grooming products and supplies needed.
Our new Persian cat loves our teacup poodles but he had to show them who was boss while they were alittle pre-occupied
http://wpjrnl.com/ persian cat demanding for petting
My awesome cat Thunder !
Persian Princess Janelle (sporting a trendy lion cut again) is utterly terrified of Lugosi´s radar dish collar….. Nuffers: please go and search for “Janelle hates grooming” and watch the video first before making crappy remarks [More]
Part II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A6LD9neCpg 7 week old traditional Persian kittens playing. Remember not to leave you kitty alone with toys like this 🙂 To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [More]
As always, Lacey wants to play with Lexi and Lexi is being a little grumpy, nothing new 😉 So, Lacey decides to play by herself and has a blast running around. Thanks for watching! Please [More]
Other compilations: Boston Terrier – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyCD3_UEGc4 Devon Rex – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb70DctU_g4 Here is a compilation of the Persian cat breed. All credit and links are in the description. Persian kitten is afraid of Panda…Funny cat Hoos [More]
Kali is a 7-year old lazy hairy Persian cat. This video shows her daily life 🙂 ——– Perserkatten – Gato persa – ???? ?????? – Persialainen – gatto persiano – ???? ???? – ???? (??) [More]
here is my persian cat whose hate water & doesnt wana to take bath
Get the FURminator here: http://bit.ly/furminatorcats Must-have tool if you own a long hair cat! My lovely black fur-ball Batman is shedding lots of hair especially now during the summer. Thankfully I have recently discovered this [More]
Pumpkin doesn’t like to comb
Our 7-month-old, male Silver-shaded Chinchilla Persian Cat named Felix. Likes to have people around him but does not like to be held or touch. . Read more on Chinchilla Persian Cats at http://www.wyndcreste.com/history.shtml.
Original video: https://vine.co/v/hVVap7prKjY Soundcloud for the song: https://soundcloud.com/kit_randomencounter/persian-cat-rock This cat caught the metal
One old Himalayan cat and a Persian kitten test water bowls. The Nature Spa AVP with UV Sterilization, Whisker city foutain, Protocol bowl, Petmate Fresh Flow and a ordinary Fish Bowl. The cats will choose [More]
Blue persian 7 months old male kitten playing around…His name is Lala..and he is from Banat region of course 🙂
persian cat 101, persian cat funny, persian cat meow, persian cat dancing with michael jackson, persian cat thug life, persian cat knocks over glass, persian cat grooming, persian cat bath, persian cat knocking glass off [More]
Black Persian cat Baxter was displaying a few OCD tendencies that Jackson Galaxy discovered his owners were inadvertently encouraging. Was Jackson able to help him? | For more My Cat From Hell, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/my-cat-from-hell/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 Catch [More]
“Persian Cat Guide” http://bit.ly/189TPR8 How To Keep Your Persian Cat Healthy and Happy. Know The Persian Cat Problems Before They Start, What To Look For. How To Groom, Bath and Feed Your Persian Cat. These [More]
Ziggy my silver shaded persian gets groomed today. He is 16 and 1/2. He loves to be groomed.
A demonstration and tutorial of a full cat grooming of a Persian cat. Tips and techniques to cat grooming; including cat bathing, cat blow-drying, cat brushing, cat combing, cat haircut and hair styling.
This fluffy and cute persian cat was this judges number 1 cat. Not too surprising, since persians usually do well and are popular in the cat show ring.
Our Bengal cat ( Spooky) , doesn’t like our neighbour cat!
http://www.mythicbells.com/persian_eye_mainenance.htm How to clean the eyes of a Persian cat or kitten
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Cloudy and Sunshine crying for food early in the morning. Cloudy has a girly cry and well, Sunshine’s cry is quite scary.
You won’t believe how mellow these two bi-color Persian kitties named Machu and Picchu are while they enjoy a luxurious spa grooming with Helen of The Pet Maven. In this video you’ll learn more about [More]
Linc was sleeping on my bed so cute! I couldn’t help but to record this video! Notice his paws and fluffy bomb stinky butt! The sole reason you should buy a Persian cat is so [More]
Persians need to be groomed at least once a month or more to keep them from being matted and looking their best. This is a Persian cat that I groom every 6 weeks, it is [More]
My cat is hilarious! I don’t think he is all there…
In this video I demonstrate how to wash and dry a Persian cat. My model for this video is GP SMGP Sagesse’s Hide and Seek (Mia), a calico Persian. The products I used are Goop, [More]
http://www.mythicbells.com Awake while her sisters sleep, little Kemo Sabe plays an allusive game of hide and seek … shaded golden Persian kitten from the K litter.
The Persian is a long-haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and shortened muzzle. In Britain, it is called the Longhair or Persian Longhair. It is also known as the Shiraz or Shirazi, [More]