Nicest cat ever. Walks around with tail puffed up for some reason. Slow motion
Two of the finest RagDoll cats I have seen. Mine is pretty awesome, really friendly and attached to whoever grabs her or shows love towards her. This movie the Fifth Element is one of my [More]
When Henry, our Ragdoll kitten had to be put down on the operating table due to a rare intussusception in the inner bowel, a difficult decision whether to welcome another member into the family was [More]
Get to know more about my beautiful pet cat Alba. If you are interested in one of my future Ragdoll kittens, subscribe to my channel for an inside look at how I raise the kittens [More]
Our amazing two cats, that aren’t related, but look like they could be. Sally – the one with the dark face – sadly passed on in 2016 at the age of 18. Teddy is now [More]
This is a special video as it captured the fun time we had on our last day out for the year! There is more running, jumping, crab-puffing and firsts for some kitties than you will [More]
I am discussing some traits of rag doll cats. Enjoy!
7 Things to Know About Owning a Ragdoll Cat Cats 101 – Animal Facts Check out House of Steward Ragdoll Kittens for more cute Ragdolls – Ragdolls Floppycats Hi, Welcome to Animal Facts. We [More]
Watch Bowie as a cute and funny ragdoll kitten and as a handsome adult. Bowie is almost one year old, his birthday is on february 5th. So time for a compilation of cute and funny [More]
Morning Ragdoll cat meows Our Ragdoll meows a lot and loudly in the morning. Bowie is a super affectionate Rag doll cat and early in the morning, the first thing he wants is to be [More]
Subscribe to Animal Planet! | After an exhausting session of practicing their hunting skills, a litter of Ragdoll kittens take a nap. However, Mari the German Shepherd is desperate to meet the new additions [More]
via YouTube Capture Jessica the fuss pot 🙂
I have been wanting to make this video for a while now but I wanted to wait until I felt really comfortable answering everyone’s questions about what it’s like to own a Ragdoll. I hope [More]
Sphynx and rag doll cats are really unique and cool felines
**see a new video with Caspian grown up! – Meet Prince Caspian, a Ragdoll cat. He loves his toy mouse, playing tag, and ruining furniture. He is six months old, so he is still [More]
Want to Learn More About Ragdoll Cats? Check Out Our Site: In this video, I will tell you how to pick up a Ragdoll cat. There are different kind of ways to know how [More]
Funny video about “cons” of owning a Ragdoll Cat. 1. There is no privacy for Ragdoll owners. Ragdoll cats follows you from room to room, so they hate closed doors. 2. Bowie is huge. And [More]
Ragdoll cats are so adorable. They are like big fluffy polar bear always ready to snuggle! Check out these sweet Ragdolls cats and kittens who crave affection and attention! If you enjoy the video please [More]
Rag doll cats playing together with each other in my living room.
Kuri wants to play with Kira! But will she play with him? —————————————————— ? Music: Carefree Melody by Twin Musicom Promoted by MrSnooze Creative Commons — CC BY 4.0 Music : A [More]
Ragdoll Cat Breeds – What is the personality of the Ragdoll Cat Breeds? 0:00 Intro 0:25 What is the personality of a ragdoll cat? 0:47 Can ragdolls be black? 1:10 What is a blue [More]
People with many cats are very rich!Every Ragdoll cat is very beautiful,There are a lot of people sharing videos of Ragdoll cat on tiktok,These cats are not only cute, but also very beautiful, like fairies. [More]
Feelgoodfactor: Tips and tricks on how to feel good. This episode features: # natural sun protection # healthy juices # healthy smoothies # fun with friends # liver cleanse # beat depression # rag doll [More]
Lots of short video clips of Casper and Binx. And you will actually hear Casper meow… so pay attention! did you catch his sound? Have fun and leave us a reaction in the comment section [More]
Rag doll cats shed like crazy, but they are super friendly!
BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toys Interactive Cat Feather Toys, Pet ExerciseToys, Electric Cat Toys for Indoor Cats/Kitten with Feather, 2020 Upgrade #BentopalP03 #ElectronicCatToy #Ragdoll 1.?Replacement Sticks?Bulks of BENTOPAL feather accessory have been shipped to Amazon warehouse, [More]
Ragdoll Cats Breed Personality – Why do Ragdoll cats go limp? 0:00 Intro 0:05 What is a ragdoll cats personality? 0:24 Why do Ragdoll cats go limp? 0:46 Are ragdolls good cats? 1:04 Why [More]
Welcome to our new channel Animal Cuteness Overload where Rag-doll cats will be your best friends. Watch to the end of this video and see the kitties kiss. It’s so cute! Meet Teddy who is [More]
A common question is, “Do male cats have nipples?” All male mammals have nipples, including cats! This video will show you were they are located and how to find them. Male cats usually have 3-4 [More]
Check out Waller! He’s the coolest rag doll cat on planet earth!
Woodturning a Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts inspired wand for a friend of mine. Incorporating her lovely rag-doll cats into the design by power carving a cat head into the pommel of the wand. Then presenting the [More]
This is a Catwalk at its best. You are Invited to a Fashion Show featuring our Rag doll cats Teddy and Bella walking the catwalk and modeling on the runway. Red Roses are thrown at [More]
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Flame point male that will be going to his new home in May 2018. He will be named Milo by his human.
8 hours of relaxing soothing music that our Rag-doll cats love to listen to day or night. This music will calm your pets during storms and during times of anxiousness.
This is Waller! Isn’t he cute?
Adopt a Senior Cat! Older cats make purr-fect pets too! If you’re thinking of adopting a kitten, consider a senior cat instead… They are often overlooked at animal shelters and it’s hard to find them [More]
Thanks for subscribing! Join my TeamSS and get my entire diet and training game plan: All the things you see in my videos (my fitness clothing, supplements, jump rope and more) can be found [More]
Willow our ragdoll kitten
This Caymus, a 5-year old Ragdoll Cat, on the Brawny Cat Big Baby. See the Big Baby arriving – Our review of the Brawny Cat Big Baby-—-floppycats-com-product-review.html You can learn more about Caymus [More]
More about our rescue work: Ways to help: Apply meow to adopt: This gorgeous tiny feral mama and her five tiny kittens were rescued from the Bradner colony when the Property Owner [More]
Squirt and Medicine Cat grooming ? – 3/17/2020 They LOVE Each other 🙂 —————————————————————————————— For more updated photos visit and LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE! —————————————————————————————— #blindraccoon #raccoon #raccoons #cats #catvideos #kittens #blackkittens #blackcats #squirt [More]
Sit back, make a martini, and let your problems melt away with this classy video of a cat orally cleaning itself for five minutes. Allow the calm and relaxation to wash over you with it’s [More]
Cats grooming each other. Filmed with Sony TX7 camera.
my pet cat Carlo making funny/cute poses & sounds while hunting a mosquito XD
This is Rags purring, my 19-year old Ragdoll cat who passed away on 3/30/09 at 10:14am. I captured this purr for my tribute to Rags on my website: when I was a little girl, [More]
Occurred on September 9, 2019 / Davao City, Philippines “Oreo (black cat) and Rich (gray cat) are brothers. Oreo was born a year before Rich. Rich really likes his big brother and always follows him [More]
Watch as a ragdoll cat and his brother enjoy the Austin Texas outdoors. One brother lays by a tress while the other strolls through the garden.
Here are my cats Nikki (ginger male) Serena ( white cat girl) they love each so much and love to cuddle and i think their friendship is so wonderful and i’m happy that they have [More]
You can buy the Yeowww! Catnip Banana in bulk through Or through the Cat Connection: This is Caymus, a 6-year old Seal Mitted Ragdoll cat with a blaze playing with the DuckyWorld [More]
It starts with some friendly grooming and ends up in a wrestling match!
Haiku’s first walk on a harness and I think he did pretty good! Ok, so he wanted to follow my other cat into the neighbours garden and subsequently ended up being pulled away to the [More]
Meet my Cats and HAUL. Hi everyone welcome to my channel! Enjoy watching sa aking mga mahal na Cats at mga pinamili ko para sa kanilang basic needs. Don’t forget to Click Subscribe button. #meetmycats [More]
New England Siberian Cattery- raising hypoallergenic kittens in NH (MA border). A 2 year old flame point boy and 8 month old female at play.
?m áp, ng?t ngào và vô cùng ?áng yêu, ?ó chính là nh?ng bé mèo Ragdoll xinh ??p. Tuy nhiên, gi?ng mèo ?áng yêu này v?n còn r?t nhi?u ?i?u thú v? ?n gi?u ??y. [More]
Our two RagDoll cats, Bugsy and Misty, on their way for much-needed grooming, bath, brush out and nails cut. If they could only understand getting there is the easy part. Once there, they faced a [More]
Unboxing a SURPRISE Christmas gift from our Friend Terry! We Love love love everything you sent us Teresa!!!! Me, Alan, Kiki & Cookie LOVE YOU and COCO!!!! How cute was these gifts though? And all [More]
Ragdoll Kasper 7 Monate alt – Zeitung lesen
Our cat Smoes likes to sleep. Sometimes he scares us with his rag doll behaviour. Look for yourself.
It’s the quarterly treatment – for worms and fleas – and grooming for my two cats. In this video I share some tips on how I cut their claws, products I use to treat them, [More]
Out for a stroll.
Sister’s Rag Doll kittens. The male with control of the ball, became sick. The result of some horrible kennel disease that was detected through testing. Euthanized
??????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????? ??????????? ??Panasonic DMC-TZ7
This is a video of my 10-year old Ragdoll cats, Charlie (seal point mitted with a blaze) and Trigg (blue lynx mitted), enjoying our backyard on the 1st of November 2019. ——————————————————————– MISSED MY LAST [More]
Calvin, the four-month-old flame point ragdoll kitty has a go at his new SmartyKat exercise toy. As you can see he hardly contained his enthusiasm to pounce on it and get to the source of [More]
Zen is the smaller Ragdoll sister, and she likes to keep her brother clean. We often thing them sleeping in an embrace, with pauses for some grooming, and the occasional sleep-flighting.
Are all raggdolls like this? Because I have never seen a cat cuddle this adorable
Hello guys! Today I will just show you how I usually play with my Cats. Actually cats are really playful, even though a lot of people say they are not. I hope you like it, [More]
My two boys having their morning play.
Hi Guys!! I’m Caroline, remember to subscribe for new fun videos! See my tips for pets below! Make sure to boop the like button whenever I post and leave a comment down below telling me [More]
He is sooooooo fast! Faster than the train! It’s 2 seconds of joy! I could watch 100 times of this video!
Ragdoll and Scottish fold playing. The Ragdoll is blue mitted and 11 weeks old. The Scottish fold is flame point and 8 weeks old.
Our Rag Doll cat is so docile and trusting that you can do anything with him. He is actually purring when my wife cuts his nails and even follows it with a manicure!
Starring: Ragdoll cat, Twister, a red point mitted, and one of the sweetest, fluffiest, most peaceful cats you’ll ever encounter. In this video: he rolls. And rolls. And keeps rolling.
Looking for a home. 3 years old. Apply at
A video about Rag Doll Cats ?
Griffin fetches!!! Sort of! While his brother Phoenix tries to distract him! The results are ADORABLE! Read the full story of these boys at!
Ragdoll 14 weeks
Ragdoll kitty Soulmate Charlie is celebrating his 3rd Birthday with the help of his 7 other Ragdoll Siblings! Come and join the party!
Our Ragdoll Cat Rascasse being lazy, sneezing, playing with mouse on a string and getting camera shy
Today you are going to meet my rag doll cat named Romeo! Make sure to like and subscribe if you thing he is cute! Also let me know in the comment section down below whether [More]
Apply for Nelson today.
Our first and therefore very amateur attempt of Vlogging our weekly count down to our first holiday to Scotland in a motor home with our 2 rag doll cats.
Waking Up My flame point rag doll Cat. Poor guy. Lol.
They are rag doll cats (I love rag dolls )
My rag doll cat in the snow Pt.1
Choupette around the house
Ragdoll cats Cooper and Sawyer fighting. They are about three years old in this video.
This is Arya and Camilla’s first video. They have a love-hate relationship. Arya is a 6 month old mix and Camilla is a 4 year old Rag doll #cats #catsrule #catvideos #gataslocas
He was much skinnier back that 🙂
Rag doll cats playing
Rag doll cats playing