Siamese fire point/flame point ragdoll, trying to take off with a new toy we got him. Seems he would rather kill than chase. He was raised with a dog.
First time Hobbes played in the water and loves it. His brother Calvin wants nothing to do with it.
Handsome Ragdoll Flame Point, isn’t shy of people or the camera! Learn how to adopt him at
Willie, our blue-eyed Ragdoll Cat, gave loving snuggles to Julie all throughout her pregnancy with Ruby. Here is a collection of photos I took over several months upon waking up in the morning and observing [More]
Whiskers, a flamepoint ragdoll, puts in a “hard” day of work at Laziness Inc.
Accidentally I was found that Magnus likes cucumbers – he bit off piece from vegetable plate. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, MORE VIDEOS ARE COMING! ? ? ?
Small compilation of tender cats…
Whiskers, my flamepoint Ragdoll, helps me test out my girlfriend’s new HD cam.
My cat, Rita (on the left) is cuddling with my other cat, Napoleon. They are used to fight each other all the time until now they are just cuddling to sleep together! I have had [More]
This is Benny. He is a purebred Ragdoll kitten. He is all white with flame point (red/orange) ears, face and tail.
Sweet Cream is a four month old male Cream/Flame Point Lynx Ragdoll. He is SSSSUPER sweet and loving. Loves to be carried around and cuddles you back
Little Finn on the day I brought him home from SPCA.
Cool Cat Productions?
Besonders unsere Jungkatzen freuen sich auf Weihnachten – und die Dekoration! Es ist nicht möglich alles so zu schmücken, wie man gerne möchte. Dafür sind die Kätzchen einfach zu süß……
My mom’s cat Rhett, a flamepoint ragdoll, shows off on top of a bookcase…and then almost falls off!
Ragdoll cats looking out screen door
Whiskers, my flamepoint Ragdoll, chases me around the backyard! He’s damn quick!
My cats, Scout & Sierra, chillaxing!
First day home and this 4 month old kitten is already losing his mind! What a wonderful adventure this will be. More videos to follow.
After a few days of keeping them apart, it was time to introduce our new Ragdoll kitten (Colby) to our Himalayan (Jangles). The kitten is tougher than the cat expected! My favorite part is how [More]
A video of motion and stills of my two Ragdoll cats KC and Molly set to the music of Evanescence.
One Ragdoll cat (Miles) & one Domestic Shorthair (Dexter) vie for King of the Box while Bonnie looks on.
Flame point cat video Brenda’s cat house
Ragdoll cats are large, sweet, docile cats that some say can’t defend themselves. Yeah right. This is a clip of my grandmother’s cat, and she is a sweet loving cat, but make the sound of [More]
My cat loves this doll very much.
Lukas and Molly, ragdoll – brother and sister
New Kitten. He is a Male Mitted Flame Ragdoll.
Ragdoll kitten being cute.
This is our Stunningly beautiful ragdoll cat jake. I defy you not to think he is the most beautfiul cat ever! 🙂
cat information – ragdoll cat or ragdolls or cat ragdoll , the Ragdoll is marketed by breeders as having a docile, calm and floppy nature with claims that these characteristics have been passed down from [More]
Frieda ragdoll cat enjoys cuddling.
A Ragdoll is a breed of cat bred to be mellow and affectionate. This is what a typical morning is like with my Ragdoll.
our wonderful and loving cats relaxing in the garden Click the link above to learn how to properly train your ragdoll cat. Ragdoll cats are one of the most difficult breeds to properly train. Learn Ragdoll cat secret techniques for keeping your cat [More]
Red point. Seal point. Blue point Ragdoll Cats
Our ragdoll kittens love to sit in our laps and cuddle! Check out our website! for available kittens:
Ragdoll Cats in the Snow: . – Uniting Ragdoll Cat Lovers Worldwide #cat #cats #ragdollcat #ragdoll #floppycats
Bread, lilac point ragdoll cat, plays with cat dancer, with special appearance by Butter. see more videos of bread & butter using this playlist: ? ~ ?????
Shania & Tristan, 8 months old (Albufeira, Portugal, 2011)
Atticus and Huxley waiting patiently for greenies treats.
This is one of my Ragdoll cats, named Eli – He’s hilarious 🙂 For more information on this breed of cat:
Our two rescued ragdoll cats. Our older seal point playing with the new flame point. The older seal point is a big boy and could be rough with the little girl. But, he is very [More]
We visit with a pair of fluffy rag doll cats, a sweet bunny and a precocious cat in this visit to the MSPCA.
Another cat fight….
Two year old Ragdoll brothers play fighting.
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My ragdoll cats all decided to snooze together this afternoon. They don’t do this very often, so I had to catch it on film!
ragdoll cat and kitten new friends
Two ragdoll cats
Sorry for the bad quality…I took this video in the evening:S
Two ragdoll cats have their heads swiviling around trying to watch a fly.
Holly Willoughby took her adorable cats on This Morning and the response was purr-fect Move over Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: There are some new TV favourites in town. This Morning presenter Holly delighted viewers [More]
Happy Cat Walks On Two Legs Like a Little Human ragdolls ragdoll cats for sale rag dolls ragdoll breeders ragdoll cat rescue cat ragdoll ragdoll cat price ragdoll cat personality ragdoll rescue ragdoll kittens for [More]
My Ragdolls and shelter cat.
Blue bicolor rag doll cat Jake
Photographs of the beautiful and humorous cats and kittens of Crack O’ Noon Ragdolls, Colorado
Cutest dogs and cats kissing and serenading each other. Holly the rescue dog loves kitty Sergeant Wilson the ragamese rag doll cat but can be overwhelmed with kisses. Cuteness personified! Ignoring the tv! Holly the [More]
My cats enjoying some time together. Orange polydactyl is O’malley male and The long hair rag doll is Talia. Thank you for watching. If you like this comment below. Like and subscribe. Have a nice [More]
Rag doll cats
Our two rescued ragdoll cats. Our older seal point playing with the new flame point kitten. He’s big and could be rough with the wee one. But, typical ragdoll, he is very gentle with her.
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Kitty is rag doll or Siamese guess -or ragamese! Sergeant Wilson is so cute and goes floppy and plays and eats as much as rescue dog Holly. Guessing game
The cutest rag doll ever????????????????????
My two Rag-doll cats and my spazza boyfriend
Honey and Missy are two Rag Doll Cats here belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Check out their antics on this very short hilarious video!
give your comment and rating, share it to you friend 🙂 all rights of every videos are credited to the original uploader. ======= Incoming Keyword Search terms : cats pictures of cats cat pictures cat [More]
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One of the closest moments between our 11 year old and 3 year old rag doll cats.
“” website owner releases new broadcast (Sat Sep 19 02:11:23 +0000 2015) -based Periscope power user Sara Anna Powers published a new video broadcast, initially announced on Twitter with the message “LIVE on #Periscope: The [More]
This one reason Rag Doll cats are the best!!
These are 2 cats at our playing at my former teachers house they are brother and sister and one is a rag doll enjoy!
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My mother and I were bored watching The Simpsons cause it was a rerun. Then we turn it to the Aquarium Channel, and this is what happens X3 Tags: the aquarium channel, kitties, piper and [More]
Ragdoll wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . , . . . . The ragdoll is a cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat. All ragdolls are descended from baker’s cats through matings of [More]
Funny cute kittens (ragdoll kitten) youtube . , . . . . ” . Here are some more compilation of topics and latest discussions relates to this video, which we found thorough the internet. Hope [More]
Welcome to another Cat pause video. This is a quick photo session with our blue point rag doll feline. This is a follow up video to a how-to video we posted a few weeks back [More]
Rag doll cats love chasing the fish on the iPad.
Nice blissful little yoga sequence that I was taught at Yandara yoga school….. With an appearance from Fairy Doll and Cracker Jim the rag-doll cats. 🙂
Caesar is just protecting mama
Lilly and jasper just fall in love first day meeting each other.
Our two rag doll cats, Roxanne & Tifi messing around.
this is chino and gizmo the rag doll kitties! 🙂 instagram: chinoandgizmo
My baby just woke up
Tissue and cucumber messing around 🙂
They love their sister
Ragdoll wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . , . . . . The ragdoll is a cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat. All ragdolls are descended from baker’s cats through matings of [More]