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Welcome to my channel….I have over 33 years experience as an animal trainer and I frequently hear, ‘you can’t train a cat, they train you!’ Well, not so fast, I’m here to show you just how smart and teachable cats are using a specific ‘methodology’ similar to the way marine animals are taught. On CATMANTOO, you will learn, step by step how to teach your cat to walk on a leash, do a few cats tricks, stop their behavioural issues, even teach them to use the human toilet, and much more!

Oh! and from time to time, I’ll just happen to capture my cat Didga doing some amazing stunts! 😉 ‘Cat barely escapes jaws’ 2.3 million hits! ‘Skateboard Fail w/twist’ 400k views

PLEASE ADOPT, there are many amazing cats like Didga just waiting for a good home.

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