Cats Training Secrets – How to Train a House Cat; New Kitten Advice, Behavior in Cats

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Stop Bad Cat Behavior:
Reason #1: To this day, I’ve read and studied more than 100 books and articles about cat behavior, cat health, and cat care…I’ve worked closely with vets, animal shelter and adoption center volunteers…and listened to stories of happy cat owners.

Reason #2: About 6 years ago I rallied up a colony of feral (wild) kittens. They were tiny, flea bitten and half starved. Maybe it was their pitiful, hungry meows that melted my heart but out of the blue, my maternal instincts kicked into overdrive. Someone had to help them and call me crazy, but I decided that someone was me.

Reason #3: For years I’ve worked in pet careers, so I have a lot of hands on experience with cats, as well as other types of pets.

It literally took hours, but after chasing them around (they were afraid of people, and some were mean) I finally got them all in the car and to my house.

They were FAR from well-behaved. And I knew these little bandits had very little chances of ever finding a good home unless they were trained.

Using the knowledge I already had, along with devouring dozens of books on cat training and cat behavior, I was able to turn them all into sweet, loveable, well behaved kitties in just 13 days. I ended up keeping 2 of them as my own pets.

The fact is, for over nine years now, almost everyone I know turns to me …the ‘cat wrangler’…for advice whenever their cats misbehave.


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